Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Powder Room Remodel

My family has lived in our current house for more than twenty years.  We were not the first owners of this house, so over the years we have completed many projects to make this house our home.  Recently Hubby and I decided to tackle our first-floor powder room for a complete makeover.

My Old Powder Room
How hard can it be, we asked?  After all, it is a teeny tiny room.  We were confident we could replace the existing fixtures, tile the floor and repaint the walls and ceiling in a couple of weekends.  So confident were we that this would be a two-weekend task we started the work a couple of weekends before Christmas knowing full well we would be hosting more than twenty people for Christmas festivities.  I know, it was a crazy thing to do.

The most complicated elements of the plan for us were retiling the floor and adding a raised panel wainscoting to the walls.  Hubby was taking the lead on the tiling and I was in charge of the wainscotting plan.  Both of us spent a lot of time consulting online do-it-yourself sites and YouTube.  I developed my paneling plan with the help of d-i-y Network and This Old House.

Hubby began the demolition.  As the demolition progressed we made changes to our original plan.  First, we decided to discard the existing vanity.  We had originally thought we would paint the existing vanity and replace the top and sink.  Instead, we decided to install a pedestal sink in order to make the room feel more spacious.  Additionally, we decided to remove the baseboard heating unit that ran through this room.  Removing the baseboard heating unit would also get us about three additional inches of space along one wall.

Demolition Begins
The downside of these changes was an extension of the project timeline. The plumber's schedule and delivery cycle for the pedestal sink made it clear to us we would not be completed by Christmas.  Oh, well!  The tiling progressed as planned.
The Tiling Progressed without a Hitch

While the tile was being laid I worked on priming the components of the wall panels.

Priming the Wall Panels

As I find with most home improvement projects, the project tends to invade a much wider space than where the actual work is being executed.  This one was no exception.  One step in our project plan was removing the popcorn texture from the ceiling.  It was a messy job that Hubby agreed to take on.

Popcorn Texture Removed from Ceiling

Our two-week project turned into eight weeks....The result is definitely worth the time, effort and frustration.

My Remodeled Powder Room
My new powder room is fresh, bright and cheerful.  It was well worth the time and effort and the size of this project was definitely D-I-Y.  What did we learn?

D-I-Y Lessons Learned
1.  The project will take much longer than you expect.  Don't start a project two weeks before Christmas.

2.  Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Murphy knew what he was talking about.

3.  Depend on professionals for those tasks beyond your skill set.

Are you contemplating a powder room remodel?  Go ahead.  If we can do it, so can you.

Some things you may want to include in your bathroom remodel:
A wall mounted cabinet.ted cabinet.
A wall mounted magazine rack.




  1. I can attest to the wonderfulness of your new powder room! Very cheerful, clean design and I love that you did so much of it yourself.

    1. It's always a boost to freshen up your living space, but the best part is the satisfaction from doing it ourselves.


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