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Time for A Kitchen Renovation

When is it the right time for a kitchen renovation?  We'd been thinking about a kitchen renovation for a long time.  The kitchen in my house was original to the home, built in 1981.  It was a beautiful kitchen when built, with custom cherry cabinets and well thought out use of space. We made some changes in the past by installing double ovens in a mysterious closet space, and an electric cooktop, with a cabinet with sliding drawers, where there once was a range. These updates made the kitchen very serviceable and a pleasant space for cooking and entertaining.  As my sons grew we made daily use of our kitchen table, especially enjoying the morning sunshine while eating breakfast. You can see in the picture above that I added a mobile kitchen cart to the end of my island as a way to test whether or not I would want the length of the island extended.  I found the additional 24" of length to be very useful, especially when taking hot dishes from the double oven

Wine Tasting on Long Island-A Day Trip

One bright, sparkling morning earlier this summer I had the good fortune to board the Cross Sound Ferry, out of New London, Connecticut , for a day trip to the North Fork of Long Island. The View from the Long Island Ferry This trip was a first for me.  You may be surprised to know that even though I have lived on the southern shore of New England my whole life I have never taken a ferry to one of the nearby islands. Being prone to motion sickness, the thought of becoming ill on a ferry has always been a major deterrent.  This turned out to be the perfect day for me to take a ferry ride across Long Island Sound. The sun was bright and the water was smooth.  The nearly ninety-minute ride was delightful.  I chose to enjoy my time on the water on the open air deck atop the ferry. When you arrive by ferry from New London, you'll land at Orient Point on eastern Long Island. Land at Orient Point My first surprise of the day was the very rural nature of Long Island's

Tomato and Corn Quiche

Today is August 1st and it is hot.  It's the kind of hot, summer day that makes you want to sit under the shadiest tree you can find and sip iced tea or lemonade.  It's not a day for cooking and certainly not a day for turning on the oven, but what do I do?  I decide a tomato and corn quiche would be perfect for dinner tonight.  There's no way around it, a quiche requires the oven and once I get something in my head I'm not easily dissuaded. Use Fresh Tomatoes in a Delicious Summer Quiche I love quiche.  To me, quiche is the perfect any time of day meal.  It works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It is also perfect because it is a "dump" recipe.  Just "dump" the ingredients into a crust and you are halfway there. Forty-five or so minutes of oven time later, you have a meal.  A quiche is a perfect meal to use up whatever you may have in your refrigerator. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. The compensation I receive wh