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Blueberry Pie with Frozen, Wild Blueberries

Have you made a pie lately?   While spring and summer are usually the best for making pies with all the beautiful fruits and berries that are available, you can make a delicious blueberry pie anytime with frozen, wild blueberries.  How to Make the Best Blueberry Pie with Frozen Blueberries (This post contains affiliate links that support the costs of publishing this blog.) Blueberry pie can be a challenge when you are making it at home because thickening the filling's juice with the right mix can be a guessing game.  It's a breeze with my secret ingredient.

Flaky Food Processor Pie Crust

It's pie season. Whether you are making a sweet dessert pie or a savory pie like an asparagus quiche  or chicken pot pie for dinner you will need a pie crust.  I know from talking with friends, family, and co-workers year after year, that making pie crust fills more people than not with dread and fear.  You don't have to be an expert to make pie crust. How to Make Pie Dough with a Food Processor Making Food Processor Pie Dough Making pie dough is not rocket science.  A simple combination of flour, fat, salt, sugar, and water magically comes together to create the foundation for a delectable filling.  What's so hard about that?

Easiest Creamy Pumpkin Pie

 A pumpkin pie is a uniquely fall dessert.  Most of us only think of pumpkin pie during those few months of the year reserved for all things fall.   Nowadays you can make pumpkin pie any time of year now that canned pumpkin is readily available all year long.   Easy Pumpkin Pie for Fall The spices used in the pumpkin pie filling create a flavor that is for me, uniquely fall. Just gather some cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves, and allspice from your pantry.  You can make your own pumpkin pie spice by following this recipe.   

Bourbon Pecan Pie Perfect for Your Holiday Table

With Halloween on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about your holiday baking.  Are you hosting a holiday dinner this year?   One of my favorite tasks in planning our holiday menu is thinking about the dessert options.  As I start thinking about the pie selection for our upcoming holiday dinner, wondering if I should try a new and different pie, or stick to tradition, the answer pops instantly into my head.  Tradition always wins in my family. A Bourbon Pecan Pie for Your Holiday Dinner Bourbon Pecan Pie One of the traditional pies that are always a favorite on our holiday table is a pecan pie because it is my Hubby's favorite pie.  This Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe adds a twist with the addition of bourbon for flavoring.

The Best Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie has been one of my all-time favorite desserts.  As pies go, blueberry battles for top billing with apple and lemon meringue.  They each served as stand-ins for my birthday cake when I was a kid.  I've always preferred pie over cake. Have you made a pie lately?  Any time of year is the right time to make a pie, but spring and summer are the best for all the beautiful fruits and berries that are available.  If making pie crust gives you fits, try my recipe for food processor pie crust .  It's easy as pie! How to Make the Best Blueberry Pie (This post contains affiliate links that support the costs of publishing this blog.) A Classic Blueberry Pie is Perfect for Summer Blueberry pie can be a challenge when you are making it at home because thickening the filling's juice with the right mix can be a guessing game.  I've started using Clearjel in my blueberry pie filling to take out the guesswork.  The resulting filling holds together without bein

Making Pie Dough-America's Test Kitchen Vodka Dough

How many of you watch America's Test Kitchen shows on your local PBS station?  Show of hands, please.  Well, those of you who don't have your hands raised really should check your local TV listings and catch one of the shows soon.  The programs are full of ideas and tips, like this suggestion that you can make a better pie dough using vodka as one of the ingredients.  I know, sounds crazy doesn't it? Vodka Pie Dough Pie dough is not my thing.  No, not at all.  Yes, I've been known to purchase the prepared pie dough from my local grocery store.  No, I'm not ashamed to admit it, and neither should you be.  My mom, keeps telling me that making pie dough is easy.  Yes, easy as pie.  Well, I'm finally willing to tackle the art of making pie dough.  I actually started about a year ago.  I selected different dough recipes, made some pies and compared the crust results.  I had no clear winner with my first attempt at the experiment, so I'm ready to start again.

Lemon Chess Pie

Are you crazy about anything lemon flavored? You are not alone. This Lemon Chess Pie is the perfect antidote to a lemon craving. Lemon Chess Pie for Lemon Lovers My lemon craving reared its ugly head this week when I started to get lemons on the brain.  Thoughts of lemons would enter my head at odd, but frequent moments.  Luckily, this lemon chess pie recipe came to mind.   You'll need fresh lemons and an unbaked pie crust.   The other ingredients you will most likely have on hand.  I like to keep a frozen pie crust tucked away for just such an occasion as this.  Store-bought pie crusts tucked away into your refrigerator will also work. Fit the pie crust into your pie plate and just pop it into the refrigerator to keep cool while you make the filling.   The filling is easy peasy so it will just be a few minutes of cooling time.  Preheat your oven on to 375 degrees F. Lemon Chess Pie Ingredients The Lemon Chess Pie Filling 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 3/4 cup fresh le