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How to Make Strawberry Shortcakes with Baking Powder Biscuits

Making the best strawberry shortcake starts with making the best baking powder biscuits. Today I am sharing my mom's recipe for making our favorite biscuits. Use them as the base for mouthwatering strawberry shortcakes. The Best Baking Powder Biscuits Make the Best Strawberry Shortcakes These biscuits are tasty all by themselves or with some butter and your favorite jelly.  I love them warm from the oven when the butter melts into the tender nooks and crannies. Yum!

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

These mini lemon meringue pies are perfect any time of year, but when spring has sprung it seems that lemon-flavored desserts are a must.  That's precisely what motivated me to buy a large bag of beautiful, plump lemons.  Individual Lemon Meringue Tarts Lemon Meringue Tart The crust is crispy and flaky.  The filling is tart, yet sweet, and the meringue...oh, the meringue is light, fluffy, and heavenly.  If you are a lemon lover you'll love these mini lemon pies. They are just the right size for you to satisfy your lemon craving with portion control. 

Roasted Vegetables for the Oven or Grill

Roasted vegetables make a tasty side dish that is perfect for many occasions.  Whether you choose to roast vegetables in your oven or in a grill pan on your grill you'll love the ease and versatility. You'll especially love them when you are planning a menu for a large gathering.   Do you need a make-ahead side dish? Roasted vegetables can even be prepared in advance because they are delicious either hot or at room temperature.  Oven Roasted or Grilled Vegetables This roasted vegetables recipe is my go-to combination of vegetables but seasonal additions are tasty, too.  I think you will enjoy how nicely the flavors meld together during the cooking process.  

The Best Guacamole

Guacamole season is here. Whether you are starting the season with a Cinco de Mayo celebration or a weekend taco bar with friends you will want to add this guacamole recipe to the menu. This recipe makes me jump up and down delicious guacamole.  I kid you not!  The big flavor will really get your party rolling. How to Make Awesome Guacamole Just about every gathering at my house includes a bowl of this guacamole.  It is always a crowd-pleaser.  Leftovers never go to waste either.  Guacamole is a delicious addition to sandwiches, breakfast toast, scrambled eggs, and many dinner entrees.