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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

You might remember that next to brownies, chocolate chip cookies are a favorite treat of mine.  As a matter of fact, back in my corporate warrior days, it was well known that if a certain unnamed person needed buttering up, one should come with chocolate chip cookies in hand. Not just any chocolate chip cookie will do.  No, they must be quality chocolate chip cookies.  While bakery chocolate chip cookies can sometimes fit the bill, grocery store brands do not make the cut.  Sorry, but I'm not wasting my calorie budget on packaged chocolate chip cookies.  Blame it on Mom.  My taste buds were trained on the traditional Toll House cookie recipe that Mom always made.  They were buttery, crisp on the edges, chewy in the middle and filled with chocolate chips and walnuts.  Mmmmm.... Perusing blogs the other day, I came across a recipe for Tried and True Chocolate Chip Cookies at Pie in the Sky's lovely blog.    Those cookies called to me and I wasn't going to rest until I

Southwest Salsa Chicken

It seems like I have been relying on my pantry and freezer quite a lot these past few weeks.  Maybe it's spring, but for some reason, I've found myself with much less time for the kitchen.  As a result, our weeknight dinners have been quick and easy.  Quick and easy doesn't mean boring and tasteless.  This Southwest Salsa Chicken is packed with those Southwest flavors we all love. Easy Baked Chicken with Southwest Flavors Southwest Salsa Chicken There are two key ingredients you need to make this dish.  The first is Southwest seasoning.  You can use my Southwest seasoning recipe , or buy a prepared seasoning in the grocery store.  I'm always sure to have a supply of my own Southwest seasoning on hand.  The other ingredient you'll need is salsa.  I make my own salsa frequently.  This recipe makes a large batch, so if you make some on the weekend you'll have plenty left to make this dish during the week. Southwest Salsa Chicken Print Recipe Serves

Update Time

I'm on the run today with no time for a full on post, so I thought I'd post some quick updates... Remember the wild goose chase I was on?  Yes, I was obsessed with the need to find a garden stool for my three season room.  The wild goose chase is ovem thanks to my very good friend, Robin.  She found me a white garden stool at a local Home Goods store.  Thanks, Robin! My Garden Stool Today is May 14th and I still have healthy poinsettias growing indoors.  I'm amazed at how well my plants lasted!  I'm trying to decide whether to compost them or plant them outside.  A Poinsettia in May Anyone else still nurturing poinsettia plants?  Should I bother to plant them outside? Phase I of my vegetable garden is growing well. My Sugar Snap Peas and Spinach I'm looking forward to my first harvest. The Garlic and Lettuce How does you garden grow? Enjoy!

Making Egg Salad

Making a tasty egg salad starts with perfect hard boiled eggs.  Do you have trouble making perfect hard boiled eggs?  There a couple of simple things to keep in mind, but anyone can make a perfect hard boiled egg.  From there you can make an equally perfect egg salad. First, you'll need some eggs.  I like to use either large or extra large eggs.  Any size will do, your choice is a matter of preference.  Ideally, your eggs should be a week or more old, because a little age will make it easier to peel the shells.  This is more important if you are serving your hard boiled eggs whole or halved because they will look prettier.  The eggs I used to make my egg salad were very fresh and as a result, the shells were very hard to peel. Fresh Eggs May be Harder to Peel Place your eggs in a pot with a lid and cover them completely with cold water.  Place the covered pot on your stove over medium high heat.  When the pot comes to a boil remove it from the heat and leave it covered on th