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Flavorful Bread Machine Focaccia Bread

In general, I'm not a fan of having too many kitchen gadgets.  I like to have kitchen tools that serve multiple purposes,  One of the exceptions is my bread machine. I love making fresh bread and I want the bread-making process to be as easy as I can make.  That's why I won't be without a bread machine in my kitchen.  My easy Italian Focaccia Bread is one of the recipes I make most frequently with my bread machine. Making Italian Focaccia Bread In a Bread Machine  (This post contains affiliate links.  The compensation I receive when you purchase using these links helps support the costs to maintain this blog.) Italian Focaccia Bread When I tell you this focaccia bread is a favorite I may be understating how much we love this bread. We might be obsessed.  The texture and flavors in this bread will make your mouth water.  I'm getting excited about the bread just writing about it. The ingredients are simple, but together they make a delicious tre

Spicy Italian Sausage Soup

Through the fall and winter months, I like to make a big pot of soup at least once a week.  We'll have it for dinner and then for lunches until it is gone.  Most of the time, I'll make a loaf of bread to go along with it because we love to dip our crusty bread into the soup.  Today's recipe for Spicy Italian Sausage Soup is one of those soups that will be perfect with a piece of crusty bread for dipping. A Hearty Soup to Spice Up Your Life This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  I receive a small compensation when you shop through these links to help support publishing this blog. Spicy Italian Sausage Soup Spicy Italian Sausage Soup is made quickly on the stovetop.  You can control the spiciness by adjusting the ratio of sweet Italian sausage to hot Italian sausage.  I use half hot Italian sausage and half sweet Italian sausage and the soup has just the right amount of spice for me.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

A Traditional Nut-Flavored, Shortbread Christmas Cookie The Mexican Wedding Cookie is a holiday favorite of mine.  This nut-flavored, shortbread cookie is covered in powdered sugar.  It is a tasty, three-bite, melt-in-your-mouth cookie that is a special treat, perfect for your Christmas cookie platters. Mexican Wedding Cookies With only six ingredients these cookies are easy to assemble and bake.  Their tender texture and buttery flavor pack a lot of satisfaction for relatively little effort.  These would be a nice holiday cookie to share with neighbors and friends. Mexican Wedding Cookies Printer Friendly Recipe Makes about 2 1/2 dozen cookies    Mexican Wedding Cookie Ingredients 2/3 cup, toast