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Strawberry Cupcakes

My sister-in-law brought a delicious strawberry cake to a family picnic at my house a few weekends ago.   The cake was a hit with everyone because it was moist and packed with fresh strawberry flavor.  Of course, I asked for the recipe.  It was a Paula Dean strawberry cake recipe that started with a white cake mix. Delightful Strawberry Cupcakes Strawberry Cupcakes I wanted to make cupcakes from the recipe so I went into test kitchen mode.  If you decide to make this using Paula Dean's recipe be sure to read the full recipe through to the end.  I know, that's rule number one of baking, but once in a while some of us break the rules.  If you don't read the recipe through to the end you'll most likely end up with a very soupy frosting.  I may, or may not, know this from personal experience. Through my test kitchen experience, I made a few changes to the original recipe.  I thought the recipe ingredients unnecessarily added too much sugar.  To adjust for

Hope Springs, the Movie

This week Hope Springs  opened in theaters nationwide.  I have been anticipating this movie ever since the end of September a year ago.  It was September 30, 2011 when I wrote about nearby Stonington Borough as the filming location for the movie, Great Hope Springs , now named Hope Springs . Hope Springs  is a movie about relationships, highlighting Kay and Arnold Soames' journey to reconnect after thirty-one years of marriage. In spite of Steve Carell's key role as a therapist, this movie is more drama than comedy.  It's not often that mature relationships are held under a microscope to the degree seen in Hope Springs .   Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones will draw you in and keep you cheering for them throughout.  I happened to catch the Charlie Rose interview with the cast of Hope Springs  a few days ago, and I was happy I did because it fully prepared me for the movie. The theater was full of boomer generation movie-goers this weekend.  Hubby and I had to

What's in Your Garden?

It's August 6th and my garden is in full production.  How is your garden doing?  I checked in with my garden this morning to see what needed harvesting.  My onions, and beets should get pulled right away and my lettuce has bolted.  It's time to put what is left of the lettuce into the compost pile. August Vegetable Garden Update Onions, Lettuce, and Beets My tomatoes are finally turning red.  We wait impatiently every summer for those wonderful garden tomatoes.  There's nothing that can compare to a home grown tomato picked fresh from the vine.  It's time to make our favorite tomato salad . Tomatoes are Finally Ripening! I'm hoping for an abundance of cherry tomatoes, all ripening at once, so I can roast up a tasty roasted tomato bruschetta topping.  Yum! Cherry Tomatoes The cucumbers are growing with vigor up and around three tomato cages.  Vertical gardening of the cucumbers has saved me lots of space in my raised beds. I wish I could s