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Decadent Pecan Bars Your Family Will Love

Pecan pie has long been a holiday favorite with my family.  It's one of those desserts I reserve only for the holidays because it is so rich and calorie intense.  In my opinion, it is decadence that makes a perfect holiday treat. I've been looking for desserts lately that are easily served in smaller portions after noticing the family prefers bites of goodies rather than whole slices of pies or cakes. Wanting to keep the essence of pecan pie on our menu I thought a pecan square might make a great substitution.  These pecan squares will be a tasty bite for any holiday table. The Best Pecan Bars Pecan Squares When you first read this pecan square recipe you are apt to be horrified!  2-1/4 cups of butter, 3-3/4 cups of sugar, 2 cups of pecan...  The list of ingredients conjures up visions of a heart attack waiting to happen and the recipe is expensive to make.  On the other hand, when making these pecan bars for a holiday celebration a little decadence is expected. T

Irish Cream Cheesecake Trifle with Stabilized Whipped Cream

I was doing some file management this morning on my pictures and came across these pictures of the Irish Cream cheesecake trifles I made for New Year's Eve.  I had planned to share the recipe earlier this year, but life got in the way. This dessert will be perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  It really works any time of year, so make it and enjoy! Individual Bailey's Irish Cream Trifles Individual Irish Cream Trifle It has become a tradition for my brother to host a dinner party on New Year's Eve for which I usually contribute the dessert.  This very special dinner party consists of four or five courses, each paired with a carefully selected wine.  The challenge for me as the dessert planner is selecting a dessert that tops off the meal without overwhelming.  After all those courses, the guests will have very little room for dessert.  I wanted a dessert that could be prepared in individual servings and chocolate always seems to be a winner.  This Irish cream tri

How Mindfulness Helps to Simplify Your Life

I've been on a journey to simplify my life for about two years now.  It's just one step in my quest to live the life I want to live. This simplification has started with stuff.  You know, the stuff we accumulate and can't seem to live without.  It seemed pretty easy when I set simplification as a goal for myself, but putting it into practice has been a lot harder than anticipated. Four Tips to Mindful Simplification Be clear about your personal goal for simplification. Before making a purchase, ask if the purchase fits into your personal goals. Use a “box and fetch” technique to identify thing you actually use. Think use, donate or discard. Today I was reminded of my goal by the mere act of opening the email below from Sur la Table. Buy two spatulas and get one free .  Why not?  I love spatulas and I can always use another, right?  I clicked through and looked at the colorful options.  Before I clicked to purchase I decided to pour myself a cup of cof