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How to Use Twitter to Resolve a Service Problem

7 Tips to Resolve a Service Problem Using Twitter One thing that is certain to get me riled up is bad customer service. The importance of excellence in customer service was one of the first key learnings of my work life.   As a result, I have little tolerance when I am the recipient of bad customer service. The Disappointment of Bad Customer Service In most cases, bad customer service can be attributed to either poor employee selection or inadequate training of employees.  In these instances, a customer's satisfaction can often be achieved by requesting intervention from a supervisor.  But what can a customer do when the service issue is systemic or goes unresolved for long periods of time? Recently, I had a very negative customer experience with Macy's, a large U. S. based department store.  Last summer my Macy's American Express credit card was used for fraudulent purchases totaling $130.00.  This story began with a positive customer experience.  I received a

Simple, Healthy Kale

Good kale recipes can be hard to find.  This simple, yet tasty kale recipe, is perfect for a weeknight dinner and winter is the perfect time of year for kale.  This dark green, healthy vegetable packs lots of vitamins into one serving.  It is easy to prepare and looks attractive on your plate. Simple, Healthy Kale I recently served this simple, healthy kale side dish to balance out the heavy richness of a pot roast dinner. The kale was just the right accompaniment.  This recipe is written for two servings, but you can easily double it. Buy crisp, deep green bunches of kale in the produce section of your grocery store.  If you are in a hurry you can buy the packaged kale, but you will save money buying it by the bunch.  Preparing the kale is quick. Just hold the leaf of the kale by the stem in one hand and pull the leaf portion from the stem with the other.  It will only take a minute or two.  Discard the stems or use them to make a vegetable broth for soups. Simple, H

Finding Solitude

“If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.”  ―  Jean-Paul Sartre A walk on the beach can be just what the doctor ordered.  You might not think of the beach as a great place to be in the winter in New England, but on just the right day it can be one of the very best places you can go. Today was one of those days for me. Winter at the Beach My head has been spinning lately with too much to think about and too much to do.  Sunrise today brought more of the same.  I needed to clear my head.  Luckily the sun was brightly shining and the temperature was in the low 40s.  Low tide was at 9:30 a.m. making today a perfect day for a morning walk on the beach.  The beach in winter can be a little tough on the ears when the wind is blowing, but today there was little to no breeze at all.  A fleece was all I needed for warmth.  No hat and no gloves were required. Most of us head for the beach in the summer to escape the heat and humidity.  There can be a