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Baked Cod with Sauteed Greens

The other night I was cooking dinner and while standing at the stove I noticed I was talking to myself, explaining the steps of the recipe I was making.  I immediately smacked myself in the head and ran to get my camera, all the while telling myself that this dinner would make a great blog post.  I Baked Cod with Sauteed Greens tell you this so that you'll understand why the format of this post is different from my usual recipes.  This is a spontaneous post, but the recipe is definitely well thought out and delicious.  You definitely should make it.  Today. This is a perfect recipe for spring.  It is light and healthy, just what we are looking for this time of year.  Additionally, you'll find this is a very easy recipe to pull together with limited time and very few ingredients.  Are you ready to get started?  Since this is a two-part recipe we'll start with the greens. Sauteed Greens Serves 4 Kale 1 large bunch of kale 4 cups baby spinach 1/2 large onio

My Powder Room Remodel: Part 2

I posted about my powder room remodel project a couple of weeks ago and since then have been asked about the specifics of the products used.  Today's post will share the details of all the products we used to go from... The Old Powder Room to... The New Powder Room The Paint The paint is Behr brand from Home Depot.  The yellow color is Provence Creme , eggshell finish.  The white is Brilliant White, semi-gloss. The Tile 6 x 6 Marazzi Montagna Lugano tile from Home Depot.  It came in multiple versions.  We alternated plain tiles with fancy, decorative tiles. The Fixtures The toilet and pedestal sink were from the Kohler Memoirs line .  The faucet is Kohler Devonshire . The Mirror The mirror is the Carrabelle 23 inch wide mirror in Glacier White from Home Depot. The Wall Mounted Cabinet The cabinet over the toilet is the Fieldcrest wall cabinet from Target. The Wall Mounted Magazine Rack The magazine rack is also a toilet paper holder.  It is the Chatha

No More Bugs!

As the weather heats up the insects are literally crawling out of the woodwork.  Oh, how I hate the bugs.  Don't get me wrong, I know that bugs have a purpose in this world and I applaud that.  What I take issue with is bugs infiltrating my personal space.  Do you feel the same?  If you do, you'll appreciate these tips for getting rid of those pesky pests without the use of harmful insecticides. Kill the Ants I do not like ants.  Period.  I tolerate them outside, but I do not like them.  If they dare enter my home it is war! Yes, You Can Get Rid of Ants! A little Borax, some sugar, some water and lots of patience will rid you of these bothersome invaders. How to Kill Ants Kill the Fruit Flies Spring and summer are the seasons for all kinds of wonderful fruits.  If you are like me you return from your grocery shopping trips with beautiful, ripe fruit that you proudly display in your countertop fruit bowl.  A day or two later you'll begin to see those very pesky

My Powder Room Remodel

My family has lived in our current house for more than twenty years.  We were not the first owners of this house, so over the years we have completed many projects to make this house our home.  Recently Hubby and I decided to tackle our first-floor powder room for a complete makeover.  My Old Powder Room How hard can it be, we asked?  After all, it is a teeny tiny room.  We were confident we could replace the existing fixtures, tile the floor and repaint the walls and ceiling in a couple of weekends.  So confident were we that this would be a two-weekend task we started the work a couple of weekends before Christmas knowing full well we would be hosting more than twenty people for Christmas festivities.  I know, it was a crazy thing to do. The most complicated elements of the plan for us were retiling the floor and adding a raised panel wainscoting to the walls.  Hubby was taking the lead on the tiling and I was in charge of the wainscotting plan.  Both of us spent a lot of t