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Jam and Walnuts Thumprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies have always been a favorite of mine on holiday cookie trays.  In my opinion, a good thumbprint cookie is buttery, with a touch of sweetness that pairs well with a not too sweet jam. I favor apricot, raspberry, or currant jams with apricot as my absolute favorite.  It is nice to use a variety of jams in a batch of cookies.  The colors of different jams will look enticing on your cookie tray. Tender Jam Thumbprints with Walnuts This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  When you shop using these links I receive a small compensation that helps support publishing this blog. My Thumbprint Cookies My thumbprint cookie recipe includes ground walnuts in the batter.  I've seen other recipes that roll the cookie in ground nuts before baking, but I like to mix my walnuts right into the batter.  You'll want to use a food processor or nut grinder to make sure your nuts are ground up finely enough.  Just be sure you don't grind them

Elegant Horseradish Encrusted Beef Tenderloin

An Elegant Beef Tenderloin for Special Occasions Do you find it easy to host a dinner party for twelve, or are you gripped with fear and dread?  Do you willingly invite family and friends in for easy, relaxed celebrations, or does panic set in when it is your turn to host a family gathering? This Horseradish Encrusted Beef Tenderloin is a perfect dish for a special dinner that won't wear you out with the preparation. Horseradish Encrusted Beef Tenderloin One of the ways to overcome entertainment fear and panic is to develop a menu that is simple to prepare, is flexible to cook, and is easy to serve either buffet-style or at the table.   I often turn to a beef tenderloin as the entree to serve a large number of guests for dinner. Beef tenderloin is a perfect option for a dinner party because it is simple to prepare, cooks relatively quickly and can be served either hot or at room temperature.  This makes it perfect for entertaining when flexibility in your serving time

Old Fashioned Date-Filled Sugar Cookies

A Delicious Old-Fashioned Date Cookie I'm always on the lookout for a "new-to-me" cookie recipe.  One day when chatting about favorite cookie recipes with my mom and dad, Dad raved about a date-filled cookie he remembered from his childhood.  It was one of his favorite recipes my nana made for her family.  Mom dug through her recipe collection and was able to find a recipe for the cookies. Old Fashioned Date-Filled Cookies The recipe card attributed the recipe to Edith Hoar, one of the ladies from Grand Lake Stream, Maine, the small town where Dad was raised.  The recipe directions made me laugh.  Like many vintage recipes from the time, this recipe for date filled cookies was customarily ambiguous. It read: Cream: 2 cups sugar, 1 cup shortening Add:  1 cup milk, 2 eggs, 6 level teaspoons baking powder, 2 teaspoons vanilla, flour enough to roll. Filling: Stir 2 packages dates, 2/3 cups sugar, 2 teaspoons flour, 2 cups water. Cook together until smooth

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

I love cheesecake of all kinds.  I like a plain New York style cheesecake, unadorned and magnificent in its sweet, cheesy simplicity.  I love a chocolate cheesecake.  Pairing the smooth texture of cheesecake with a deep chocolate flavoring is like heaven on earth.  Add a chocolate ganache icing and happiness abounds.  And then there's pumpkin cheesecake... Yes, I could go on and on, but truth-be-told, this Salted Caramel Cheesecake is my favorite of them all. The Best Ever Salted Caramel Cheesecake This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  When you shop using these links I receive compensation to help support this blog. Salted Caramel Cheesecake I've been making this  cheesecake for our family Christmas dinner for several years.  Oh, how everyone loves this cheesecake!  Its texture is smooth and creamy.  The caramel flavored cheesecake sits on a shortbread-like crust, enhanced with finely chopped pecans.   When served with a drizzle of salted

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup Three Ways Butternut squash soup is one of my favorite fall and winter soups.  It actually may be my favorite soup of all, but sometimes I think my favorite soup is whatever one I am eating that day.  Over the years I've made multiple versions of butternut squash soup.  The one I favor often depends on the ingredients I have on hand, the weather, or how much effort I am wanting to expend.  Today I'm sharing my three favorite versions of butternut squash soup.  The first is quick and easy, the second is spicy, and the third is decadent. Easy Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup Some of my recipes for butternut squash soup take a little time to make but there are those days when I am just too busy for my usual butternut squash soup preparation.  This recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup is perfect for those days when you are in a hurry and crave butternut squash soup! Easy Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup This re