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Insanely Easy One Pot Pasta in 15 Minutes

Parents and grandparents know the challenge of finding quick and easy dinner options that are both delicious and filling for their families. With busy schedules and little time to spare, it's important to have a few go-to recipes that can save us time in the kitchen without sacrificing flavor.  While taking the time to carefully simmer your special spaghetti sauce is delightful, we don't always have the time. That's where this one-pot pasta dinner comes to the rescue!  How to Cook Pasta in Minutes This one-pot pasta dinner is a perfect solution for busy families who need a quick and delicious meal on the table in no time. The unique element of cooking the pasta directly in the sauce saves time and enhances the flavor of the dish. With simple ingredients, easy preparation, and customizable options, this recipe is a winner for parents and grandparents alike. 

Save Time and Money Freezing Chicken

 Have you faced sticker shock at the grocery store lately? When you're looking to cut down on your grocery bill, taking advantage of sales can be a great way to save money, especially on meats. One of the most versatile and popular meats is chicken, and boneless chicken breasts and bone-in chicken thighs often go on sale.  How to Freeze Chicken and Save Money at the Grocery Store When you buy chicken on sale, it is easy to freeze boneless chicken breasts and bone-in chicken thighs to maximize their shelf life and help lower food costs.

Parmesan Garlic Rolls

If you're looking for a delicious garlic roll recipe, you can't go wrong with these cheesy garlic dinner rolls. These rolls are soft, fluffy, and full of savory garlic and cheesy goodness. They're perfect for serving with soups, stews, or as a side dish to your favorite meals.  Plus, they're so easy to make, with the help of your bread maker , you'll want to whip up a batch every week! The Best Cheesy Garlic Rolls This post includes Amazon affiliate links. Using a bread machine to make dinner rolls makes perfect sense because it simplifies the entire process of bread making. The bread machine's dough cycle takes all of the manual labor out of mixing, kneading, and rising, allowing you to enjoy fresh, homemade dinner rolls without all the effort.