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Deals and Steals: Small Bathroom Cabinet

My Bathroom Wall Cabinet Steal

One of the things I love, love, love about shopping online is the access I have to a choice of product.  If you are a woman of a certain age, like me, you can remember the countless, unproductive hours you spent going from store to store in search of just the right end table, or shoes, or gift for the bride to be.

I've always tried to be a responsible shopper.  You can blame that on my New England Yankee heritage and my equally responsible mom and dad, but as a result, the designer labels you'll find at my house are few and far between.  With that said, I do like what I like, and when I get my mind set on something I am relentless until I find just what I want.  That's why I love Internet shopping.  It makes my search oh, so much easier.

Hubby and I have been working on a remodel of our first-floor powder room.  I plan to share more about the remodeling in another post.  Today I want to share my search for a powder room cabinet.  We're in the final steps to finishing the project, purchasing the practical fixtures.  To me, that means, storage, mirrors, and fixtures.  In the remodel, I gave up all the storage I had in the powder room when I replaced the vanity with a pedestal sink.  I like the clean lines of the new pedestal sink and the additional space it adds to the teeny, weeny room, but I decided I needed some kind of shelving over the toilet.

My search for shelving began.  I started at  If you haven't checked out the Houzz site yet you are in for a treat.  It is full of inspiring decorating pictures for any style you desire.  I just typed "small bathroom storage ideas" on the search line and found pages and pages of options to consider.  After several weeks of weighing my options, I settled on wanting a white cabinet with glass doors and simple architectural features.  (Please note that this post includes affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  If you purchase through one of these links I will be compensated with a few pennies to help support this blog.)

I found a few options.  This Cartwright Wall Mount Cabinet from Restoration Hardware (no longer available) was a perfect option.  It fulfilled all of my requirements and had the added bonus of glass shelving inside the cabinet.  I love glass shelving.  At a price of $385.00 plus $21.00 in shipping, I wanted to try to do better.
Cartwright Cabinet from Restoration Hardware
Options #2 and #3 were found at Pottery Barn.  This sliding door cabinet fulfilled all the requirements, had the interior glass shelves and had the added bonus of a towel bar.  This price was $249.00, plus $25.00 shipping. (4/2016 update-no longer available.)
Sliding Door Cabinet from Pottery Barn
The Pottery Barn Matilda cabinet was also a nice option.  Instead of glass doors, it has a mirrored closure.  This would be a nice place to store some of those necessary items you don't want to be seen.  The open shelf on the bottom of the cabinet allows for decorative accents.  At a price of $199.00 and $21.00 shipping, this seemed like a reasonable option.
Matilda Cabinet from Pottery Barn
Before settling on one of these options I thought I would check out the big box stores.  Option #4 was found at Home Depot.  This Wilshire cabinet has glass doors, simple architectural features and two shelves for $54.44 and free shipping.  Wow, what a price!  I had to read the customer reviews.  The reviews indicated the quality was inconsistent, so I decided to keep looking.
Wilshire Cabinet from Home Depot
Option #5 was this Target Fieldcrest cabinet for $79.99.  Its glass doors and simple architectural features fulfilled my requirements as well at a fabulous price.   The customer reviews for this cabinet were generally positive.  I was able to get free shipping, so this cabinet seemed like a deal to me.

Fieldcrest Cabinet from Target
The cabinet arrived at my door in three days.  I was a little apprehensive when I opened the box and saw all of the pieces.

The Cabinet Pieces

When I laid out all the nails, screws and hardware I knew I had some work ahead of me.

The Nails, Screws, and Hardware

The instructions said I would only need two screwdrivers to complete the assembly, so I was game to try.  An hour and a half later I was finished.

My Finished Cabinet

I'm very happy with my cabinet.  It's not just a deal.  At $79.99 I'd call this cabinet a steal!  If you like this bathroom steal you may also like this one for a wall mounted magazine rack.

(I checked pricing and availability on 4/3/2016.  This post was updated to reflect availability on this date.)


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  1. Looks perfect -- and great shopping skills! I love online shopping, too.


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