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Inside-Out Chocolate Cupcakes

This recipe for Inside Out Chocolate Cupcakes is the result of my long-standing love of whoopie pies. Whoopie pies have long been one of my favorite treats.  If you love whoopie pies, Hostess Cupcakes, or Ding Dong cakes you'll love these cupcakes. My mom used to spoil my brothers and me by making huge batches of whoopie pies that would be waiting for us after school.   Inside Out Chocolate Cupcakes Inside-Out Chocolate Whoopie Cupcakes These chocolate cupcakes have all of the things we love about whoopie pies.  They start with a moist and delicious chocolate cupcake. The chocolate cupcake is filled with the traditional whoopie pie cream filling and then that same cream filling is used as the frosting on top.  You can't get any better than that. Yummy cream inside and outside!  That's why I call these cupcakes Inside-Out Chocolate Whoopie Cup

Amazing Grilled Corn with Chili-Lime Butter

Do you grill your corn on the cob? Today I'm sharing my favorite grilled corn recipe and the timing for this recipe couldn't be any better.   As I look forward to the upcoming grilling season, I can't help but think about how delicious corn on the cob is when grilled. I bet if you grill your corn on the cob you'll never want to eat it any other way.  With Memorial Day and Fourth of July picnics in our future, what side dish do you automatically think about having?  Well, it's corn on the cob, of course, made even better with chili-lime butter. The Best Grilled Corn Recipe  Grilled Corn on the Cob with Chili-Lime Butter Grilling corn on the cob is as easy as can be. There are many ways you can cook your corn on the grill. Some suggest grilling corn on the cob in the husk or wrapped in foil or straight up on the grill.   I always choose to grill my corn straight on the grill because I want a bit of grilled flavor added to my corn as a flavor base before adding

A Quick Dinner-Chicken Fajitas

Are you looking for a quick, weeknight dinner suggestion?  Do you want a meal that is delicious and easy to put on the table after work?  The answer is fajitas!  Don't you just love to order fajitas when you eat out?  The warm flour tortillas, the sizzling vegetables, and the flavorful chicken or beef are delicious.  You don't have to go out for yummy fajitas.  You can make fajitas at home in no time flat.  Yes, you can. Chicken fajitas are a favorite at my house.  All this fajitas recipe takes is a little thinking ahead to make sure all the ingredients and toppings are on hand in the refrigerator or pantry.  I marinate the chicken in a prepared dressing, cut up the vegetables and I am ready to go.  As the weather starts to warm up here in the Northeast I find myself craving dinners that can be cooked on our outdoor grill. The outdoor grill is perfect for weeknight dinners like fajitas.  Cooking fajitas on the grill is quick and easy and clean-up is a breeze! Another grea

How to Care for African Violets

The burst of color from African violet flowers can really brighten up your home and perk up your spirits.  Is your thumb more brown than green?  Not to worry, African violet care is very easy. Read on to learn the best tips to care for African violets. How to Grow Beautiful African Violets (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  I will be compensated when you make a purchase using these links.) My African Violet Pin This Post For Later:   Seven Tips for African Violet Care Here's a nine-minute video that will show you how I care for my African violets. Watch My African Violet Care Video Seven Tips for African Violet Care African violets like diffused, bright light.   I have them in rooms with either a southern or a western exposure.  That's not to say that you can't grow them in other sunlight exposures, but these work beautifully for me.  It's best not to put your plants on a window sill.  Try tables placed near window

How to Care for Wood Cutting Boards

Learn How to Care for Your Wood Cutting Boards Do you use wooden cutting boards in your kitchen? Wooden cutting boards are a beautiful thing. Properly cared for, a wooden cutting board lasts for years and years.  Through many years of ownership, your board will develop deep character and patina, just like you.  It will be a cherished addition to your kitchen.  Use your board every day to protect your kitchen counters.  Your wooden board will also make an excellent serving tray or an attractive base for an appetizer  cheese tray . Proper care of your wooden cutting board begins when you bring it home.  Before you use the board, you will want to apply its first coat of food-safe mineral oil.  I usually get my mineral oil at my local drugstore.  You don't want to use vegetable oil or olive oil.  Both can turn rancid.   A properly oiled cutting board is a pleasure to use and easy to clean.   Remember this tip for oiling your board: Oil daily for the first

Kicked Up Low Carb Egg Salad for Lunch

This low carb egg salad (7.6 grams of carbs) is a tasty lunch for those days when you are getting yourself back on track.  I'm no stranger to indulgences.  You'll find many recipes posted here for sinfully decadent recipes that I eat and enjoy.  The problem is those sinful indulgences creep up on me in many not so enjoyable ways.  Most obviously my waistline widens and the scale starts inching up into territories no one likes to admit. Can you relate?  Less obviously our health starts to suffer.  To keep that from happening we need to get back on track. When I'm really cracking down on myself, I switch to low carb eating.  This low carb egg salad is a go-to lunch for me.  It satisfies my hunger and stays with me through the afternoon.  There is a lot of crunch in this egg salad that I find satisfying.  I've also kicked up the flavor with the addition of chopped onions and minced jalapeno pepper.  Adjust the amounts of those ingredients to suit your preference