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Cabin Fever Antidote-a Walk on the Beach

A blizzard blew through the Northeast this week making it a challenge to get out of the house.  It was cold, dreary and windy as all get out!  Yesterday the weather improved.  The sun came out and the temperature climbed above thirty degrees.  You know how much I love to walk on the beach so I decided I would see if the beach was accessible.  Off I went to beautiful Watch Hill.  As you can see I was pretty much alone there. I forged ahead and saw others had attempted a beach walk before me. I was rewarded with a picture perfect view. The storm had covered the beach with rocks making it a perfect day to search for sea glass, my new obsession. It turned out to be a great day for treasure hunting.  I found lots of the colorful sea glass gems laying along the shoreline. I walked the full length of East Beach.  After ninety minutes I had a full dose of vitamin D, a pocketful of sea glass and one lonely action figure. Nice, huh? Ta-Ta for now. >