Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's National Cupcake Day

A week ago we celebrated National Brownie Day and today it is National Cupcake Day.  I bet you are happy I told you that, aren't you?  You were looking for a reason to eat a cupcake weren't you?  Let's be honest, none of us need a reason to eat a cupcake.  After all, they are just small, single portion cakes, right?  No harm there.  Not if we eat just one. 

In honor of National Cupcake Day I am sharing links to three of my favorite cupcake recipes from 2011.  Any of these would be a perfect choice for today's cupcake celebration.  These are not in order of preference because if truth be told, I love them all.  Each one has its own reason to shine.  Read on and decide which will suit your fancy today.

Lemon-Lime Cupcakes
Lemon-Lime Cupcakes
If you are a lover of all things citrus, like me, you will adore this recipe.  These Lemon-Lime 
Cupcakes are moist and flavorful, with a burst of lemon-lime flavor.

Please make sure to add the citrus to your frosting as well.  If you choose to share them with your friends and co-workers they will be begging you for more.

Boston Cream Cupcakes

Boston Cream Cupcake
Do you love Boston Cream Pie?  You know what I mean, the cake that is called a pie?  Well, you'll also love these Boston Cream Cupcakes.  They may look a little complicated, but they are actually easy to make. 

Once the cupcakes cool, just cut a little piece out of the top of the
cupcake, fill it with the yummy pastry cream and top with chocolate ganache.  Delish!

Red Velvet Cupcakes
My Favorite Red Velvet Cupcakes
I conducted my own Red Velvet Cupcake throwdown this year after seeing a Bobby Flay Throwdown that left me drooling. 

This recipe was my favorite red velvet cupcake. This is now the favorite cupcake recipe in my Just One Donna household.  I keep my freezer stocked with these tasty treats so that when someone says to me, "You know I could really go for one of those red velvet cupcakes" I can satisfy the request without firing up the oven.

What kind of cupcakes will you be baking, or eating in honor of National Cupcake Day?  What is your favorite cupcake flavor?  I'm looking for some new favorite cupcakes for 2012. 



  1. The Lime cupcakes look great! Didn't know there was a national day for cupcakes!

  2. Thanks Donna, I have been wanting to bake a cake all week, so think I will surprise the grands and make cupcakes instead!

  3. It is Lemon Cupcake Day not cupcake day.

  4. Hi readers. While Don commented that today is just Lemon Cupcake Day, that is not correct per my sources. I was turned on to National Cupcake Day by a Facebook update from King Arthur Flour. I also checked and These sources don't limit the celebration to lemon cupcakes. So, whatever...let's just eat our favorite cupcakes today, shall we?

  5. Wait! What! Why didn't I know it was National Cupcake Day! I would have totally indulged in honor of such a great day. I absolutely love the red velvet cupcake. I am also a fan of yellow cake cupcakes...Dunkin Hines especially!

  6. TheProDiva, you made me laught out loud. It's never to late to indulge, girl...and there is always tomorrow!


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