Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June's Garden To Do List

Whenever June rolls around I am reminded of  June Is Bustin' Out All Over, the Rodgers and Hammerstein song from Carousel

June is bustin' out all over
All over the meadow and the hill!
Buds're bustin' outa bushes
And the rompin' river pushes
Ev'ry little wheel that wheels beside the mill!

June is bustin' out all over.  June vegetable gardens in the Northeast are just starting to show their stuff.  Memorial Day usually marks the date for the planting of those vegetables that require warm soil and air temperatures for optimal growth.  As a result vegetables like squash, beans, peppers and tomatoes are just getting started.  Hot weather last week really gave my little raised bed vegetable garden a boost.

The Vegetable Garden

My June flower garden is welcoming irises, peonies and roses. 

Morning Flower Garden Shadows in June

Our rhododendrons have come and gone, all within a 10 day period.  The show was beautiful this year.

Rhododendron Blossoms

The June Garden To Do List
There's plenty to do in the June garden.  In your vegetable garden:
  • Finish planting warm-weather vegetables.
  • Plant another round of cool-weather crops like lettuce and peas.
  • A Strawberry Pot
  • Harvest strawberries.  If you are not growing your own strawberries you may want to find a local pick-your-own strawberries farm, or visit a local farmers market.
  • Weed and water as needed

In your flower garden you'll want to:
  • Remove spent blooms and trim your flowering bushes.
  • Prune your perennials.
  • Fertilize your roses.  They'll be busting out all over soon, if not already,
  • Deadhead your annuals to will keep them producing more flowers.
  • Weed and water as needed.

Whatever is on your June gardening to do list remember to make time to enjoy whatever you have growing because June is bustin' out all over!



  1. Your yard is looking good....I have lots of lettuce and herbs, a 4 foot tomato plant and a 2 foot jalapeno plant with lots of flowers on both...I need to work on my flower containers and the pool. The week in Philadelphia was not a good thing for the pool but what can you do...if your family needs you you have to let something go...would not change a thing I did last week to support my sister in law.

  2. Robin, I'm hoping my tomatoes and jalapenos catch up to yours.


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