Saturday, April 4, 2020

How to Make a Face Mask

This week I worked out a pattern for making a cloth face mask.

This mask is easy to make and comfortable to wear.

How to Make a Fabric Face Mask

Comfortable Cloth Face Mask

You can watch a video on my Facebook page or follow the steps below.

The Materials List

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Here’s what you need per face mask:

You want to choose a washable fabric with a close weave. I like using white, cotton sheet fabric, but choose a fabric with a print to make a fashion statement.

How to Make a Cloth Face Mask
Using a sewing machine makes the assembly quicker but you can make one completely by hand as long as you can sew a straight stitch.

An Easy Face Mask

Step 1
Cut your fabric into a 9 x 16-inch rectangle. Fold the two short sides together, the right side of the fabric touching.

A Cotton Rectangle of Fabric

Step 2
Stitch along the three open sides of the fabric, leaving approximately two inches open at the end. Reinforce the stitches at the end so they won't pull open.

Stitch the Fabric

Step 3
Snip the corners, being careful not to cut too close to the stitches. Turn the fabric right side out. Iron the rectangle flat, turning in the edges of the open section.

Finish the Fabric Rectangle

Step 4
Make three accordion pleats, pinning each pleat as you go.  Refer to my video if needed.
Iron the pleats flat.

Make Pleats in the Fabric

Step 5
Attach your ties to the sides of the pleated rectangle being sure to stitch through the pleats. Tie off the ends of the ties with a simple knot so they don't fray as used or washed.

Make Ties to Link to Your Ears

Fit the mask to your face, knotting the ties behind your ears.  Be sure to cover your nose and pull the mask down over your chin.

A Fabric Face Mask

You are now ready to go.
Remember, staying at home is your best option.

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