Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My Favorite Red Wine Sangria

Everyone needs a great red wine sangria recipe for summer entertaining and this is mine. Actually, this is Hubby's specialty.  He's the cocktail maker in our family and he loves to make this sangria whenever we are entertaining a group of friends or family on the deck.

This sangria has just the right balance of sweetness and fruitiness making it a yummy, fruity, summer sangria that everyone loves.

My Favorite Red Wine Sangria with Rum
A Glass of My Favorite Red Wine Sangria

The key to this recipe is finding a sweet red wine that works for your taste buds.  Sweet red wines are not our thing when we are selecting wines.  We found our favorite sweet red wine for this recipe when we toured the San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine, Florida.
During the tour, it was suggested that their San Sebastian Vintner's Red would be tasty in sangria.  We didn't like it as a stand-alone wine but did find it to be perfect in this sangria. You'll want to find a similar wine that is both robust and sweet so that you won't need to add additional sugar to the sangria.

The Best Red Wine Sangria with Rum
Fruit is important in a sangria, so don't skimp on the fruit.  We love adding apples, pears, and grapes to this sangria. You'll find that the apples and pears absorb the wine and rum when you make your sangria in advance and let it sit.  That makes the fruit a yummy bonus treat to munch from the sangria glass.

The Red Wine Sangria Ingredients
The Ingredients to Make My Favorite Sangria

We always use spiced rum in our sangria.  You can use a white rum if you prefer but we think the spiced rum adds a little extra flavor that makes this sangria special.

You'll want to be sure you have a pretty glass pitcher for mixing your sangria.  Make sure the pitcher is clear so you can see the pretty fruit floating in the sangria.  Everyone loves the fruit!

I like to add some carbonated soda to my glass of sangria, but Hubby prefers his straight from the pitcher.  I usually choose either Fresca or Sprite Zero because they go well with the lemon and lime that are used in this recipe.

A Glass of My Favorite Red Wine Sangria

  • one 750 ml bottle of sweet red wine
  • 1 1/2 cups spiced rum
  • one cup of orange juice, freshly squeezed is best
  • one lemon, sliced
  • one lime, sliced
  • one orange sliced
  • one apple, sliced
  • one pear, sliced
  • one cup sliced grapes


  • Prepare this sangria at least four to six hours before serving to allow the flavors to meld.
  • Slice the fruit
  • Pour the wine, spiced rum, and orange juice into your pitcher.
  • Add the fruit to the pitcher.
  • Reserve some slices of fruit to garnish your glasses.
  • Chill until serving.

  • Rum Punch
    Rum Punch

    You might like this recipe for rum punch.  It is another of our favorite summer entertaining cocktails.

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