Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall Floor Cleaning Tips

Today I am in the midst of some heavy duty cleaning.  We are getting ready to put our vacation home in Florida on the market and I am getting it ready for the online pictures to be taken and the subsequent showings.  While working up a sweat cleaning the floors, I thought I needed to share some of my cleaning tips for making this big cleaning job easier.

How to Clean Your Floors Quickly and Easily

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Floor Washing Made Easy
Floor Washing Made Easy

This is the perfect time to get your heavy cleaning done in preparation for the holidays.  I like to do one deep cleaning now so I can spend my time on the fun things about holidays, like baking and decorating.  If you are like me, you dread cleaning.  That's why I have spent time figuring out how to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible.
Floor Care Made Easy

First, you'll want to be sure your vacuum is in top-notch working order.  Your vacuum needs regular maintenance to serve you well.  I use a Dyson Animal Canister vacuum so for me the maintenance means to take the canister apart and clean it really well.  I take the collection bin outside and spray it with the most powerful spray I can muster from my garden hose.  That forces all the dirt and gunk that builds up over time out of the unit.  Then I use soapy water to wash out the collection bin really well.  I leave the bin out in the sun to dry.  The filter gets washed and dried, too.  If your vacuum uses a bag to collect dust and dirt you'll want to be sure you have a supply of fresh bags on hand.  Finally,  inspect the attachments to make sure they are clean and in working order.  Order replacements for them now if needed.  With all that done, it's time to vacuum.

After vacuuming it's time to wash the floors.  Washing floors is a cleaning job that I really really dislike but it is much better since I discovered a spin mop.  My spin mop has transformed my floor cleaning life.  It comes with a bucket and a mop that has a changeable microfiber mop head.  The cool thing about this mop is there is a basket in the bucket that spins the water out of the mop.  Well, I'm telling you, this has cut down the time it takes to wash my floors immensely.  I leave as much water in the mop head as I think I need for the job.  Most of the time it is sufficient just to have the mop head be slightly wet.  I even use this mop to damp mop my wood floors.   You can even dust your floors with a dry mop head.

I keep it pretty simple when I wash the floors.  My preferred solution is to mix one quarter to one-half cup of ammonia into a bucket of hot water, depending on how much water is in the bucket and how dirty the floors are. Then I add a quick squirt of Dawn dish detergent. I find this solution cleans well and doesn't leave a cloudy residue.

Steam mopping is the final step.  Sometimes I feel the need for one more step on my floors, usually in the kitchen or bathrooms.  That's when I take out my steamer.  If you have a little one crawling around your floors you might want to use a steamer regularly.  If you have men and boys using your bathrooms you'll also want to steam regularly, if you know what I mean.

I've only used two brands of floor steamers, the Haan and the Shark.  I'm currently using the Shark steamer and like it very much.  It is easy to fill with water, it heats quickly, and gets the job done quickly. I'll also use this steam mop on my wood floors a couple times a year, using the light steam setting.

If I was to rate these three products in order of importance to me I'd place the vacuum at the top of the list because I use it the most frequently.  Next, I'd choose the spin mop because it really has transformed my floor washing chores.  I wouldn't want to be without it.  Lastly, I like using the steam mop for those floors that you want squeaky clean.

If caring for floors gives you a pain in your backside, try these tips and tools.  You'll find it easier and quicker to get the job done.

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