Monday, March 4, 2013

Five March Gardening Tasks

After about a week of daily temperatures in the mid-40s here in southern New England we can finally see the ground.  The snow is not completely melted, but for the most part it is starting to feel like spring may actually come again this year.

Still Some Snow in the Garden
This past weekend Hubby, Sadie and I got out in the yard to see what we needed to get started on for our March gardening to do list.  This year we are faced with much more clean up than usual due to harsh winter weather, including the blizzard.  We've lost several trees in our yard.

Cutting Down A Badly Damaged Tree
That means task #1 on our March To Do List: Cut down the damaged trees.  Two trees in our front yard were so badly damaged by the snow and winds we had no choice but to cut them down.  They used to screen us from having to look at an unsightly utility pole.  Truth be told, we'd rather look at the unsightly utility pole than be without power.  They had to go.

Another tree just missed crashing through our garden shed as it fell in the blizzard.

This Tree Missed the Shed by a Hair
 It has to go as well.   As a result of all this tree damage everywhere I look we have piles of wood and debris, which brings me to task #2: Clean Up Yard Debris.

Tree Remnants
The silver lining in this tree loss is that these piles mean we will have plenty of wood to warm us as we sit in front of our outdoor chiminea.

I Love a Chiminea Fire

To Do Task #3: Clean up Perennials. I try to cut back my perennials in late fall so that my early spring to do list is shortened, but there are always a few plants that need attention this time of year.  I never got to tend to the Montauk Daisies that grow in several areas of my yard.  They are actually members of the chrysanthemum family and need cutting back twice a year to keep them growing compactly.

Montauk Daisies in Need of Trimming
While I was at it I cleaned up the leaves that had gotten caught in the plants.  Nearby I could see daffodils beginning to peek through the ground.  Just last weekend these plants were still covered in snow.

March Daffodils
Other tasks on my Garden To Do List this month include:

Task #4:  Get Ready to Start Seeds.  It's time to start thinking about what I will plant in my garden this year.  Before long it will be time to plant my spinach, sugar snap peas and lettuce seeds.  If you are going to start seeds inside you'll want to assemble the materials you will need now.

Thinking about My Vegetable Garden
Task #5: Prune Trees and Shrubs.  Take a walk around your yard and assess whether your trees and shrubs need some pruning.  This is a good time to see what needs to be done while the leaves are still off of them.  Don't prune your spring flowering shrubs now though.  You'll need to wait until after their flowers fade.

Wait to Prune the Spring Flowering Shrubs
Now that March is here we can say good-bye to winter.  It's time to get out there and start tending our plants for another healthy growning season. 

What's on your gardening to do list this month?



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