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Spring Bedroom Spruce Up

I've been thinking about a face lift for my bedroom for a while.  It all began, at least, a year ago, maybe more, when I saw a picture of a bed in an Ethan Allen catalog.  I ripped the picture out of the catalog and have been carrying the picture around with me ever since.  Here is that picture, folds and all.

My Bedroom Inspiration Picture
The things that spoke to me from this picture were the contrast of light and dark between the fabrics and the furniture and the texture variation that defines the fabric contrast.  It was just what I was looking for.  I wanted a change from the heavy fabrics that have been a part of the bedroom's decor for about 10 years, both on the bed and on the windows.

Well, with the first day of spring knocking at the door I decided to begin pulling my bedroom update together.  I began my search at my local department stores and purveyors of home goods, hoping I would find an assortment of white, ivory, cream and beige quilts, blankets, pillows and sheets that would immediately suit my fancy.  NOT.

That was the case until one day in a Macy's bedding department I spied an assortment of bedding that was exactly what I was looking for.  Between a couple of Ralph Lauren options, some Martha Stewart collections and Hotel line of bedding, the wheels in my brain started turning.  As luck would have it, Macy's was having a very good, and timely sale.  I assembled a variety of bedding that I thought would accomplish my vision.
Martha Stewart Ivory Sheets, 300 thread count, fitted sheet and pillowcases
Shetland Manor, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, full/queen comforter
Shetland Manor, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, square decorative pillows
Shetland Manor, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, queen flat sheet and pillowcases, manor print
Shetland Manor, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, square decorative pillow, manor print
Marrakesh, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, ivory quilted shams

Once I got the bedding home, I decided I would be able to use a plush ivory blanket and a sage green LL Bean flannel sheet I already owned as additions to the bedding.  I use the flannel sheet as a light blanket and the plush blanket for additional warmth, if required.  When I put all of the bedding on the bed it looked like this.

My New Bedding
Do you see the windows?  I chose the Linden Street sheer Vineyard panels in ivory from JC Penney.  The embroidered pattern on the panels mimics the embroidery on the Ralph Lauren comforter.  The panels have grommets for easy application to a decorative rod.  I like not having to struggle with my curtains.  The rods are new as well.  I searched high and low for rods.  I needed four decorative rods for this room, but wanted the best price for value I could find.  Finding them wasn't all that easy.  Home Depot, Walmart and JC Penney had options, but not the quantity I needed in stock, and I didn't want to wait for mail delivery. I can be impatient like that.   On a whim, I ran into a nearby Target and purchased a warm metal decorative rod that I really like.  The price was excellent, an added bonus.

Vineyard Panels and Target Decorative Rod
Perhaps the biggest change of all was the addition of a ceiling fan.  I know, from a decorator perspective a ceiling fan is so, oh, so wrong, but being a woman of a certain age with my own personal summer, the comfort provided by a ceiling fan trumps design sensibility.

Casablanca Panama Ceiling Fan
The ceiling fan decision was an easy one.  We purchased a Casablanca Panama ceiling fan many years ago for our family room.  It had an IntelliTouch wall switch that made operation a breeze.  The simple design blends into the ceiling as much as any ceiling fan can, so in my mind it was the exact one I wanted for the bedroom.  This fan spins silently, another important characteristic for a bedroom.  The newest model comes with a remote control, perfect for bedside operation.  The Casablanca fans are pricey, as ceiling fans go, but this was the one item where I was unwilling to compromise quality for the price.

What about the floor?  Well, the floors are hardwood, in a dark finish.  I use area rugs and wanted to switch out the traditional, oriental style rugs that were previously in the room for a light colored rug with more texture.  I really wanted a shag style rug.  The problem I encountered was that I needed a variety of rug sizes: a 5 x 8, a 2 x 4, and two eight foot runners.  That combination was hard to come by.  Surprisingly, I found the best selection at Home Depot and was able to order a very inexpensive Frise rug, starch color.

The Frise Shag Rug
Overall, I have accomplished my goal in creating a brighter, lighter room.  The bones are there, with the contrast of light and dark I was looking for.  Is it exactly like my inspiration picture?  No, but the inspiration picture set my direction.  Next, on my to-do list is the room's bling...maybe new lamps, some new wall decor...update to come.

Bedroom Makeover
Are you freshening up your home this spring?


This post is NOT sponsored.  All products were purchased by me, for my personal use.  The opinions presented here are mine alone.


  1. Your furnishing are as pretty as your food - great job! I have the Linden Street grommet curtains and I love them.

    1. Thanks, Allie. I agree, the Linden Street Curtains are great, and resonably priced.

  2. The bedroom is really great. I love the design and the furniture used in your bedroom. And the colors are perfect! I would want to see the rest of the house.


  3. Can I ask what brand and color of paint is on the wall?

    1. The paint on the walls is Benjamin Moore, Prescott Green.

    2. Thank you so much! I just bought that bedding (on closeout at Macy's) and I was afraid of going to a green wall...BUT I really like that green!!

    3. Terrific! I'm loving the bedding and the whole room as a matter of fact. It feels light and airy-just perfect for the season. I find the green to be a restful color for the walls. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  4. Very impressive. Your bedroom is so bright and colourful! Great job! No wonder it's your little haven. home extensions perth

    P.S. I envy your photography skills.

    1. Information on bedroom is appropriate and easy to understand all the aspects that are mentioned in the post. Really a good work.

  5. This is a perfect design for a house. The minimalist design made the entire house look pretty amazing and clean. I also love the idea of making the entire house spacious with that small but elegant furniture.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You should add padded bedheads with rose designs too. I think I will buy new bed sheets but I will try other designs that has different shapes.


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