Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Rhode Island Lighthouses

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Lighthouses are very popular attractions in these parts of the woods.  We are lucky in New England to have many lighthouses.  Rhode Island, the ocean state, has twenty-one lighthouses, of which thirteen are still active, and today I'd like to share two of my favorites with you.
The Beavertail Lighthouse, located in Jamestown, Rhode Island, is the third oldest lighthouse (1749) in the New England.  

Where are the two older lighthouses?  The oldest New England lighthouse is the Boston Light Lighthouse, built in 1716.  The second oldest New England lighthouse, built in 1746,  is the Brandt Point Lighthouse on Nantucket.

The Three Oldest New England Lighthouses
If ever you find yourself in Jamestown, Rhode Island you'll want to make time to pause and enjoy the beauty that is Beavertail Park, home of the Beavertail Lighthouse.  This park is open to the public free of charge. 

The Beavertail Lighthouse
Bring your beach chair and a book, and sit on the rocks overlooking Narragansett Bay for a few hours.   

A View from Beavertail Park

Take time to visit the Lighthouse Museum as well.  You'll find lots of interesting historical pictures and artifacts.

The Beavertail Museum
Another favorite Rhode Island Lighthouse is the Watch Hill Lighthouse built in 1808.  It is Rhode Island's second oldest lighthouse, after Beavertail.  The Beavertail Lighthouse and the Watch Hill Lighthouse are connected.  The British occupied Newport from September 1776 to December 1779.  When the British left they burned and pilfered the lighthouse.  Some of the equipment was later recovered and used to build the Watch Hill Lighthouse.

The Watch Hill Lighthouse

The Watch Hill Lighthouse is a little hard to find.  It is located at the end of a private road, off Larkin Road in Watch Hill, Road Island.  Cars are discouraged, so you'll need to park in the village of Watch Hill and walk to the lighthouse.  It is worth the walk.  The view is sensational.

A View from the Watch Hill Lighthouse

When you are visiting Rhode Island be sure to put checking out one or two of its wonderful lighthouses on your list of things to do.   Starting with Rhode Island's two oldest lighthouses is a great beginning.  You can visit both of these in one day, and between the two you might even have time to visit the Point Judith Lighthouse, located in Narragansett, Rhode Island.   It will make for a very enjoyable day.



  1. Great post!!! We are truly blessed to have such beautiful scenery and attractions in Rhode Island.

  2. Yes we do, Robin. Where to next?


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