Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My August Garden

It's been quite a while since I shared what's happening in my raised bed vegetable garden.  July was a little hard on my vegetables as the heat climbed into the high 80s and low 90s in New England.  I went away for a week in early July and while the garden was watered while I was gone, it wasn't watered as frequently as I would have done it.  That took a bit of a toll on my plants.  The good news is that my two rows of beans have been very productive.  I planted Burpee's French Filet and Bush Blue Lake 274.  Both have done very well, producing long, tasty green beans.

I planted another row of beans this week that have already sprouted.  I'm hoping I'll get some beans before the weather gets too cold.  Time will tell.

My red onions have done equally well.  They were planted from onion sets and have been growing like gang busters.  I've been pulling 3-4 onions a week all month.  They are sweet, tender and delicious either raw or cooked.

My jalapeno peppers have also been productive.  They are planted in the shade of the onions and the tomatoes, but are producing in spite of their challenging conditions.  I picked one bunch a week or so ago and made jalapeno poppers for the freezer.  They have also found their way into Suzanne's Salsa  and my Summer Vegetable Medley this month.  More peppers are on the way.

My one yellow squash plant has been slow to produce, but you can see I'll have some squash for it this week.

And finally, my tomato plants are very tall, filled with lots of green tomatoes and a few ripening tomatoes.  I plan to start picking tomatoes tomorrow.

How is your garden growing this summer?

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