Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Perfect Summer Drink-The Mojito

A few years ago we went out for a special dinner to a lovely restaurant in Newport, Rhode Island called the Spiced Pear.  It is located in the Chanler Hotel overlooking the Cliff Walk and the water.  It is a lovely location for a special summer celebration.  It was during this dinner that I had my very first mojito and loved it.  It was so delicious that hubby went to the bar and asked the bartender how he made the drink.  That started our experimentation in making mojitos at home.

A great mojito depends on fresh mint.  This is one reason that mint is on my list of essential herbs to grow in your summer garden. 

You may actually find it smarter to grow your mint in a pot on your deck or patio.  Once established, mint can be very invasive in your garden making you very sorry you planted it.  Growing it in a pot controls that problem.

Let's see how we make a mojito, shall we?
Mojito Ingredients

The Perfect Mojito
Serves one

  • 1/2 lime, cut in half
  • 6-8 fresh mint leaves
  • 1-2 teaspoons sugar
  • 2 ounces rum
  • seltzer or club soda

In a tall glass place the lime, mint leave and sugar.
Using a muddler (or a spoon with a long handle) crush the lime, mint and sugar together.   The muddler we have is made of wood, but they can be made of other materials.
You want to release the juice form the lime, the essential oils from the lime's skin, the oils from the mint leaves and dissolve the sugar.   You'll be able to smell the lovely aroma of the mint and lime as you muddle away.

Fill the glass with ice.  Pour in the rum and top off the drink with seltzer or club soda.  Stir and garnish with a sprig of mint.  Yum!

A Perfect Mojito
Do you want to reduce the calories in your drink?  This drink works by replacing the sugar with Splenda or some other artificial sweetener.  I make my mojito with Splenda.

Do you want a non-alcoholic, refreshing lime drink?  Leave out the rum.  Yes, without the rum this drink is a refreshing combination of mint and lime that is a terrific pick you up on a hot and humid summer afternoon.
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  1. Nothing like mojito's at Donna's house on the deck. Her hubby is an excellent bartender. Sorry I have not been commenting...June has been hectic!!!

  2. Hands down, the Mojito is one of my favorite drinks! It sweet and refreshing, and I love mint. I need to grow some mint on my own.....


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