Friday, April 22, 2011

Pineapple Infused Vodka

Making a delicious cocktail is more art than science.  At least that is the case at Just One Donna's house.  The art of the cocktail has become a hobby at our house.  We look forward to the end of the week when we share a cocktail, relaxing together in our family room or on our deck.  The drink is just one of the elements of our cocktail hour.  The other key elements are:

1.  Festive glassware

2.  Fun and colorful cocktail napkins

3.  Delectable appetizers

A key to a delicious cocktail is the quality and freshness of your ingredients.  One way we like to customize our ingredients is with infused spirits. 

Today I'm sharing our pineapple infused vodka.  It is simple to infuse your vodka.  All you need is a fruit at peak ripeness, a glass container with a cover and vodka.

Let's see how we do it.

First prepare your fruit. 

For pineapple, you will need to cut the top off the fruit.

Then cut the bottom.

Next, cut the peel off the sides.  Then slice the pineapple into quarters lengthwise, remove the core and slice into small chunks.

Place about half of the pineapple chunks in the bottom of a glass container.

Finally, pour enough vodka into the glass container (with a cover) to completely cover the fruit.  Cover the container and set into a cool dark place for 24 hours.  Monitor the vodka for flavor.  You can remove the fruit once you have reached the flavor level you want.

Refrigerate your container of pineapple infused vodka and use it as you would any vodka.  In the future I'll share some of the cocktails we like to make.  In the meantime, try infusing vodka or rum with a favorite flavor.  If you decide to infuse with a citrus fruit, you'll want to use slices of zest rather than the fruit.  You'll find there is plenty of flavor in the natural oils in the zest.



  1. You know the title of your post automatically grabbed me. With all the martini recipes I post, I never thought to make my own vodka. Thanks to you, I am now thinking of what fruits I can infuse into my vodkas! Thanks again for sharing all of your tips!

  2. This is my first time commenting here, but you need to know, I love your blog. For some reason, I am just drawn to your blog (in a non-stalker sort of way)! :)

    I laughed out loud when you blogged about your toenail polish!!! I could totally relate. And you said you couldn't eat scallops; I cannot eat shrimp.

    Keep blogging about your real life along the coast -- I'll keep reading.

    Thanks for bringing a bright spot to my day.


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