Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding Inspiration When Selecting Paint

Have you selected paint to redecorate a room in your house lately?  My goodness, it sure can be overwhelming!  Just take a look in the paint section of your local paint store.  The array of colors to choose from seems endless.  How do you start?  It is even harder when you are thinking about painting multiple rooms at one time.  Coordinating a number of room colors just multiplies the complexity.

Recently, I was faced with the challenge of selecting a color palette for our new vacation home.  The house was painted throughout in a peach tone, which just didn't float my boat.

Peach Walls Throughout
As you may know, I'm a beach lover and with this home being located near the beach I decided first to look to the beach for inspiration.

My Favorite Beach
The stone colored tones in the sand and the complex array of blues found in the water and the sky seemed to me to be the best place to start.  I wanted the rooms in this home to make me feel the same peace and calm I get from a walk on the beach.

My View Walking on the Beach

I also like the way the sand and the water are perfect backgrounds for bright, fun pops of color.

Color at the Beach

And then there is the beach on a foggy day...

The Beach on a Foggy Day

There you have it.  I have found my inspiration for my paint palette.  Next time I'll tell you how I went from inspiration to paint on the walls.

What colors do you love?  Where will you find your inspiration?

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