Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Martha Stewart Metallic Paint and My Spring Spruce Up

Update as of August, 2015:  After getting questions about where to purchase this paint I did some investigation.  I had purchased my original containers of paint, as pictured below, from Home Depot.  Unfortunately, this product is now discontinued.  You may be able to find it online.  I found a site on Etsy that seems to have an inventory on hand.

I I've been busy with projects around the house.  The warm weather in the Northeast this year brought spring fever to me early on and I've been motivated to take on some inside projects.  First I refinished the oak stairs going to the second floor of the house,  Then I decided the master bedroom needed a redo.  Along the way I have been touching up woodwork here and there. 

All this sprucing up means I've made several trips to local paint and hardware stores.  On one of my trips to my local Home Depot I saw a display of Martha Stewart Metallic paints.  They caught my eye and my imagination.   I left the store wondering just what I might do with metallic paint.

Metallic Paint in Golden Pearl and Black Coffee

Then I remembered three brass colored decorative pieces I had recently removed from my family room because they had gotten so discolored and dingy I couldn't stand them anymore.  I had given up trying to polish them having determined they were a lost cause.  They were sitting in my garage waiting for me to decide whether or not I was going to throw them out.  I also had an old, and very unmemorable, basket that was one step from the trash can.  These items would be perfect candidates for a metallic paint redo.

Decorative Items in Need of Makeover
The application process for this paint is easy as one, two, three.
Step 1
Wash and dry the items to be painted.  You may want to prime the surface you will be painting.  I didn't.
Step 2
Protect the surface on which you will set the painted objects to dry.  Gather your tools.  decide if you will use a paint brush or a sponge to apply the paint.  The Martha Stewart metallic paints clean up with water, so that will be easy.
Step 3
Apply the paint is thin, even strokes.  Decide how many coats you will need.  My base coat was golden pearl and I applied three coats of the paint.  Be sure to allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat, at least 24 hours.  Here is how my items looked after one coat.
Items after One Coat of Paint
Here is how they looked after two coats.
Two Coats Added More Sparkle
I decided on one more coat of the base color, golden pearl.  Here is how they looked after the third coat.

A Third Coat of the Base Color

Optional Step 4
Apply the glaze if you are using it.  The glaze I used was Martha Stewart's metallic glaze in black coffee. 

I tried the glaze on one item first to see if I would like it.  Here's a comparison with one item glazed and one item unglazed. 

Black Coffee Glaze Applied on the Left

I liked the depth the glaze added to the finish and decided to go ahead and glaze all of the items, including the basket.  Now it is time to stand back and admire the results.
On the Hearth

On a Shelf

I'm pleased with the results and happy I wandered upon this product in the paint department at Home Depot.  It breathed new life into these decorative items that were destined for the land fill.  The paint was easy to use and the cleanup was quick with some hot water and little dish liquid.  It took me less that one hour to apply the four coats of paint to these four decorative objects.  That seems like little effort for a big result and less trash for the landfill.

There would be many uses for this product....picture and mirror frames, decorative stripes or borders on tabletops, baskets of any kind, and more.

Embracing spring...

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  1. You inspired me to try using this paint on an old metal tray I had. It worked perfectly and now I will use that old tray again. I can't wait to find other ways to use the paint.

    1. Deb, I'm happy the paint worked for you. My urns are still looking terrific over a year after I painted them.

  2. Where can i find the the metallic glaze?

    1. Linda, I bought mine at Home Depot. Good luck with your project.

  3. Where can i find the the metallic glaze?


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