Thursday, February 16, 2017

Celebrate with a Lemon Drop Martini

I'm having such fun with the lemons from my lemon tree this year.  There's nothing fresher than picking a lemon from a tree and using it immediately.  I've been using many of my lemons in my water for a refreshing zing throughout the day.

Occasionally, I enjoy an adult beverage like this Lemon Drop Martini which is the perfect cocktail to make with fresh, juicy lemons.  With fresh lemons available in markets most any time of year, a Lemon Drop Martini can be made anytime and you don't need your own lemon tree.

How to Make a Perfect Lemon Drop Martini

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A Refreshing Lemon Drop Martini
A Refreshing Lemon Drop Martini
I tried a number of different Lemon Drop Martini recipes until I settled on this one as my favorite.  I know we all have different flavor preferences, but to me, this Lemon Drop Martini has just the right balance of lemony tartness with sugary sweetness.

If you'd like a little more tartness in your Lemon Drop, squeeze just a bit of lemon juice into the cocktail after pouring it into your glass.
A Lemon Drop Martini

In my opinion, cocktails, like the Lemon Drop Martini, deserve a little pomp and circumstance in the preparation, the presentation, and the enjoying.

First, be sure you have the right tools to make your cocktail to avoid frustration and mess. Luckily, all you'll need to make this martini is a good shaker, an ounces measuring glass, and lovely martini glasses.

The Necessary Tools for a Lemon Drop Martini
The Necessary Tools for a Lemon Drop Martini

The first thing to do when preparing your Lemon Drop Martini is to sugar the rim of the martini glass. 

It is simple to do and worth the time.  Just take a piece of lemon and run it around the rim of the glass.

Pour some granulated or sparkling sugar onto a plate and dip the edge of the glass in the sugar.  Set the glass aside to allow the sugar to harden onto the rim.

You'll also want to prepare your simple syrup ahead of time.

Do not buy simple syrup.  It is silly.  Just mix equal parts water and granulated sugar together and heat gently.

Stir until all the sugar dissolves.  Cool the syrup and chill until you are ready to use it.  Any leftovers can be used as a sweetener for other drinks, especially iced tea and iced coffee.

Be sure to chill your martini glass before serving the martini with a couple of ice cubes in some water.

Shake your cocktail in the shaker with ice until the shaker is completely frosted.  You want your cocktail C-O-L-D!

A Four Ingredient Lemon Drop Martini
Four Ingredient Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini

Printer Friendly Recipe (for one or four servings)
Makes One Cocktail

  • Two ounces Vodka
  • 1/2 ounce Triple Sec
  • One ounce fresh lemon juice
  • One ounce simple syrup
  • Lemon twist or wedge for garnish

1.  Prepare the simple syrup by mixing equal parts water and granulated sugar.  Heat gently and stir until all of the sugar has dissolved.  Cool and chill until needed.

2.  Sugar the rim of your martini glass and set aside.

3.  Prepare your lemon garnish for the cocktail, either a lemon twist or a lemon wheel.

4.  Chill the martini glass with ice and water.

5.  Measure the vodka, Triple Sec, lemon juice and simple syrup into your shaker with ice.

6.  Shake enthusiastically, until the outside of the shaker is frosty.

7.  Discard the water from the glass.  Pour the cocktail into the glass.  Garnish.  Serve with a colorful cocktail napkin.

The presentation is important.

Don't forget to garnish your Lemon Drop Martini with a lemon twist or a slice of lemon.  The garnish adds a little something special.

The cocktail napkin is also a necessity.  Keep an assortment on hand and choose one the reflects the occasion.  Lemon Drop Martinis are for celebration.

Look how fun these martini glasses are!

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