Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Gardening-Time to Plant

As the leaves change colors and the nights grow cooler it's the perfect time to think spring.  That's because fall the best time to prepare your Northeast garden for a bountiful show next spring and summer.  You can plant any time until the ground freezes, but it's best to give your new plantings some time to get established. 

Your perennials and woody plants should be kept cool and moist until you get them in the ground.  This is the perfect time to plant bulbs for those beautiful spring flowers.  Just a little effort now will reap big rewards in a few months.  If not planting your bulbs right away, keep them in a cool location. 

Remember to water those perennials and bulbs after planting if there isn’t enough rainfall to take care of it for you.  Keep watering until the ground freezes.

Location, location, location…  Yes, plants care about their real estate.  Be sure to choose a location that will meet the particular needs of each plant. Your daffodils prefer full sun, a minimum of six hours a day of direct sun in spring is required. 
Plant Now for Spring Bloom
Soil that is deep and rich in organic matter will help these long-lasting bulbs thrive for future bloom.   
Tulips must get full sun to have any chance of returning for another year.  Although many tulips provide only a year or two of bloom I have some in my garden that just keep on coming.   It's a case of plant it and forget it...really easy gardening.  
Tulips in Bloom
Do you love watching for the first crocus bloom each winter?  Crocus will thrive in either full sun or part sun, so plant away.

This week is a great time to visit your local garden center and see what you can find to plant in your garden this fall.  Just think about plating colors together that will complement each other.  When planting bulbs, plant in groups of three or five bulbs. That will make for a vibrant show of color in your garden next spring. 



  1. Thanks for the bulb pics! They are a good reminder to get my bulbs in the ground.

  2. Decor Girl, I know, isn't that true. We need to be reminded that spring will bloom aagain!

  3. I love spring flowers, so it is a good idea to get the bulbs in the ground for next spring. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanksgiving is our weekend here in Ontario for bulb planting and getting the beds ready for spring. My family brings bulbs instead of food :) don't know how this happened but we have been doing for years. Whoever hosts Thanksgiving gets bulbs and plants for hostess gifts.

  5. Medifast Coupons, oh how fun! That is such a wonderful idea. I would love to steal it for my family. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Words of Deliciousness, you are so right. It's too easy to put if off and then spring rolls around with no lovely spring flowers. That's a bummer.


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