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Friday, July 22, 2011

Whoopie for Whoopie Pies

Cranberry Island Kitchen Whoopie Pies
Whoopie pies are one of the desserts I love from my childhood.  I remember coming home from school to a plate piled high with the most delicious, chocolaty, yummy, whoopie pies made by my mom. 

With that memory in my head I decided I had to track down Cranberry Island Kitchen last week when I was in Portland, Maine.  After all, they had been highlighted on both Martha Stewart's and Oprah Winfrey's TV shows.  To top it off, they were challenged to a throw down with Bobby Flay last December, and won.

I had to have a taste of their whoopie pies... and there we were, in Portland Maine.

I whipped out my brandy new Android phone with Internet access... I googled Cranberry Island Kitchen...and before you know it.....there we were...

...at Cranberry Island Kitchen...52 Danforth Street,  Portland, Maine.  The queendom of whoopie pies is located in an unassuming brick building.  You'll see a lovely display case with whoopie pies...

The Whoopie Pie Display Case

You may feel overwhelmed by the multiple choices of whoopie pies, but not to worry.  You will be offered samples of each flavor to try before buying.  When you order your selection they will come from the freezer.  Whoopie pies really are best when kept frozen, even when you make them at home.  What is different about these Cranberry Island whoopie pies is their cute little shapes.  Most of the whoopie pies are in the shape of a scallop or mussel, and you can get a shortbread cookie in the shape of a lobster.

The Whoopie Pie Menu Board

I purchased a dozen assorted whoopie pies including the original, Cointreau and lemon-lime flavors.  Each whoopie pie was individually wrapped in cellophane and cost $1.95.  They were bagged in a plain brown paper bag which surprised me.  I expected some cute themed packaging for these tasty treats.  The brown paper bag was swiftly escorted to the cooler in my car to accompany us to the next destination on our trip, Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

That evening we decided to have a taste test of the whoopie pies.  Tasters were Hubby, his sister, her husband and me.  I cut each one of the three flavors of whoopie pie in four pieces and we each had a taste.

Whoopie Pies on a Paper Plate
(We were camping.)

Our favorite of the three was actually the lemon-lime flavored whoopie pie.  That's the scallop shell shaped one in the picture made with the yellow cake.  The flavors were bright and clean.  I was surprised that we selected lemon-lime as the favorite because it is the flavor I had bought the fewest of.  I expected the more traditional versions would be favored.

Overall we found these whoopie pies to be overly sweet for our tastes, but could see how those with a sweet tooth might like them.  The cakes were a good consistency and the size of each whoopie pie was sufficiently satisfying.   If you'd like to try them yourself they can be ordered online at Cranberry Island Kitchen's website.

You can also make whoopie pies at home.  Here's the link to my post about my mom's whoopie pie recipe.

Whether you buy whoopie pies or make them yourself you'll find them to be a tasty treat to keep on hand in your freezer.  If you find yourself in Portland, Maine, visit the Cranberry Island Kitchen on 52 Danforth Street.


Cranberry Island Kitchen did not sponsor this post and has no idea who I am.  I purchased their whoopie pies because I LOVE whoopie pies.


  1. I have the same childhood memory of whoopie pies stacked on a plate when I came home from school with Donna. I have never tasted a better whoopie pie. Her mom's recipe is the best, and I am a traditionalist so lemon-lime, not enticing to me!!!

  2. Robin, Mom might have a surprise for us when we visit in September....

  3. Good call on the whoopies! These truly are the BEST!!! My favorite is the original (love the vanilla butter cream filling!) and chocolate chip is a very very close second. Truly yummy!!


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