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The Original Peanut Butter Blossom Recipe

Remember the first time you bit into a peanut butter blossom cookie? That perfect harmony of salty, chewy peanut butter and melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate is a cookie delight, isn't it? These timeless classics aren't just any cookies; they're a cherished part of American holiday tradition, and a must-have on every Christmas cookie tray. But have you ever wondered about the origin story of this iconic treat? The peanut butter blossom's journey isn't just a family recipe whispered through generations; it's a culinary adventure that started in the legendary 1957 Pillsbury Bake-Off contest. The Classic Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies Recipe In 1957 the Pillsbury Bake-Off wasn't just a contest; it was a cultural phenomenon. Mrs. Freda Smith, a homemaker from Gibsonburg, Ohio, was a 1957 contender. Her secret weapon was a simple peanut butter cookie sporting a single, chocolatey, Hershey's Kiss. It was simplicity at its finest.

Jam and Walnuts Thumbprint Cookies

Jam-filled Thumbprint cookies have always been a big favorite on holiday cookie trays.  I think a good thumbprint cookie is buttery, with a touch of sweetness that pairs well with a not-too-sweet jam.  Some favorite jam flavors for thumbprint cookies include apricot, raspberry, or currant.   The best jam flavor to use is whatever your family and friends love. It is nice to use a variety of jams in a batch of cookies.  Using a variety of jams will look attractive on your Christmas cookie tray. Jam Thumbprints with Walnuts I receive a small compensation that helps support publishing this blog w hen you shop using the affiliate links. Thumbprint Cookies This thumbprint cookie recipe includes ground walnuts in the batter.  You'll find other recipes that roll the cookie in ground nuts before baking, but I like to mix my walnuts right into the batter.  

Amaretti Cookies for Your Christmas Cookie Platter

Are you looking for Christmas cookie suggestions? During the holiday season, while you're pondering classic Christmas cookie favorites like sugar cookies and gingerbread men, consider adding a touch of Italian flair to your Christmas cookie platter.  Try Amaretti, delicate Italian almond cookies, with a subtly sweet flavor and crumbly texture. They are sure to become a cherished family treat. These classic Italian cookies have become a favorite Christmas cookie at my house. How to Make Classic Italian Amaretti Cookies Homemade Amaretti cookies bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any dessert spread, making them perfect holiday treats. Their crisp, slightly chewy texture offers a delightful contrast to the usual soft, gooey holiday desserts. With a subtle almond sweetness, these cookies appeal to adults and kids alike and bring a taste of Italy to your holiday table. What Are Amaretti Cookies? Amaretti cookies have a rich history i