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How to Make Pickled Red Onions

Pickled onions are a condiment that will enhance just about anything. You can very quickly and easily make pickled red onions for your refrigerator.  Then you will always have a crisp, colorful, and flavorful way to jazz up any meal. Make some pickled onions this morning and they'll be ready to use on your sandwich at lunch or your vegetables for dinner. Quick and Easy Refrigerator Pickled Red Onions These pickled red onions are so versatile you'll want to make them regularly.  They will add a delightful tart-yet sweet, crunchy texture to many dishes and the vibrant color will be a feast for your eyes.

Chunky No Beans Chili Recipe

 Chili is a perfect cold-weather meal full of hearty flavors and is a perfect slow-cooker recipe. You can also eat chili as part of a healthy diet. If you would like a healthier version of chili with all the flavor you love from traditional chili, you'll love this healthy chili recipe, especially with my secret ingredient. Healthy Slow-Cooker Chili This healthy chili recipe makes a thick, chunky, low-carb, and keto-friendly chili that will help you meet your health goals while eating food you'll love.

Healthy Chicken Parmesan

It's the new year and we all know that means a period of self-reflection and perhaps, resolutions and goals.   This low-carb, keto-friendly skinny chicken parmesan recipe will help you with any healthy eating goals you may have. Chicken Parmesan: Healthy, Low Carb and Keto-Friendly This low-carb version of Chicken Parmesan replaces the usual breading with Parmesan cheese.  The result is a Chicken Parmesan dinner that won't disappoint. Reasons to Love This Chicken Parmesan Recipe With approximately five net carbs per serving this dinner will support your health goals in the new year without sacrificing flavor. Replacing the traditional breading with a Parmesan cheese coating preserves all the flavor you love in Chicken Parmesan. You can check out my traditional Chicken Parmesan recipe if you would prefer that. The chicken is moist and flavorful. Your family may not even notice you changed the recipe.  This recipe can easily be made for fo

Classic Italian Minestrone Soup

The calendar says it's time for soup.  Italian minestrone soup is a flavorful, hearty choice to make today. Wintery weather in the Northeast cries out for the comfort of hot soup.  This minestrone soup is my go-to soup recipe and my family's favorite soup.  I try to change our soup options often by introducing a new soup, but this one remains my family's top choice.   Classic Minestrone Soup This post contains affiliate links.  When you shop using these links we receive a small compensation. Minestrone soup is hearty enough to stand on its own with some crusty bread, or when paired with a sandwich or panini of your choice.  

Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

Are you looking for an easy dinner roll recipe? The easiest way to make fresh dinner rolls is with your bread machine. Relax while you use the dough setting of your bread machine to get the time-intensive steps out of the way. I can assure you that you'll be delighted with the results of this easy bread machine dinner rolls recipe. The best bread machine dinner rolls are the ones you make yourself. How to Make Bread Machine Dinner Rolls When you use your bread machine to make dinner rolls most of the work is done by the machine.  You'll be delighted with how easy it is to make fresh rolls. While most of the work is being done by the bread machine you can be doing something else.