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How to Use Twitter to Resolve a Service Problem

7 Tips to Resolve a Service Problem Using Twitter One thing that is certain to get me riled up is bad customer service. The importance of excellence in customer service was one of the first key learnings of my work life.   As a result, I have little tolerance when I am the recipient of bad customer service. The Disappointment of Bad Customer Service In most cases, bad customer service can be attributed to either poor employee selection or inadequate training of employees.  In these instances, a customer's satisfaction can often be achieved by requesting intervention from a supervisor.  But what can a customer do when the service issue is systemic or goes unresolved for long periods of time? Recently, I had a very negative customer experience with Macy's, a large U. S. based department store.  Last summer my Macy's American Express credit card was used for fraudulent purchases totaling $130.00.  This story began with a positive customer experience.  I received a

Simple, Healthy Kale

Good kale recipes can be hard to find.  This simple, yet tasty kale recipe, is perfect for a weeknight dinner and winter is the perfect time of year for kale.  This dark green, healthy vegetable packs lots of vitamins into one serving.  It is easy to prepare and looks attractive on your plate. Simple, Healthy Kale I recently served this simple, healthy kale side dish to balance out the heavy richness of a pot roast dinner. The kale was just the right accompaniment.  This recipe is written for two servings, but you can easily double it. Buy crisp, deep green bunches of kale in the produce section of your grocery store.  If you are in a hurry you can buy the packaged kale, but you will save money buying it by the bunch.  Preparing the kale is quick. Just hold the leaf of the kale by the stem in one hand and pull the leaf portion from the stem with the other.  It will only take a minute or two.  Discard the stems or use them to make a vegetable broth for soups. Simple, H

Finding Solitude

“If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.”  ―  Jean-Paul Sartre A walk on the beach can be just what the doctor ordered.  You might not think of the beach as a great place to be in the winter in New England, but on just the right day it can be one of the very best places you can go. Today was one of those days for me. Winter at the Beach My head has been spinning lately with too much to think about and too much to do.  Sunrise today brought more of the same.  I needed to clear my head.  Luckily the sun was brightly shining and the temperature was in the low 40s.  Low tide was at 9:30 a.m. making today a perfect day for a morning walk on the beach.  The beach in winter can be a little tough on the ears when the wind is blowing, but today there was little to no breeze at all.  A fleece was all I needed for warmth.  No hat and no gloves were required. Most of us head for the beach in the summer to escape the heat and humidity.  There can be a

Five Keys to Growing A Healthy Ficus Tree

My Ficus Tree Have you thought about growing a Ficus tree in your house?  You may know this tree by the name weeping fig.   I have a Ficus tree in my family room, a room with high ceilings and lots of windows. The Ficus fills a corner very nicely and helps bridge the space created by the high ceiling. This particular tree was a housewarming gift to my husband and me twenty-nine years ago.  It was small then, probably about three years old at the time.  That means it is about thirty-two years old now.  I can't believe I've had a plant for that long and haven't killed it! It's pretty remarkable that I've had this tree for so long.  When thinking about how I managed to keep this tree happy, healthy and growing strong all these years it boiled down to five key elements.  Follow these tips and you can have a happy, healthy ficus in your home for many years, too. A Guide for Growing a Ficus Tree 1. Good Light My Ficus loves living in the corner of my

Calla Lily Tea Sandwiches

Are you searching for bridal shower menu suggestions?  One look at these calla lily tea sandwiches  on Pinterest  and you might think they are far too fussy for you to make for a bridal shower.  That was my first thought when I was asked to make them for a bridal shower recently.  They just seemed like too much work for too little impact.  I was wrong.  These calla lily tea sandwiches are adorable, tasty and not too fussy once you get your assembly technique down. Calla Lily Tea Sandwiches I must admit these are a perfect little bite to add to your bridal shower menu.  They are especially perfect for a bridal shower tea.  Make your fillings a day ahead to let the flavors develop.  You can also make the sandwiches a day ahead.  No bridal showers in your future?  These sandwiches would also be fun to serve at your next book club meeting or to your girlfriends who are stopping by for a glass of wine after work. Search calla lily tea sandwiches and you'll find many links a

Steals and Deals-A Modular Bar

I'm a big online shopper.  I guess you can even say I was an early adopter of online shopping.  When I discovered online shopping it allowed me to improve the efficiency of my shopping technique over the usual approach of browsing from store to store until I found the very best price for whatever it was I was shopping for. The trouble with the brick and mortar store search was that shopping took forever. With online shopping the time I have to spend searching out my deals is reduced exponentially. At least, the time I save  seems  like an exponential improvement to me.  I also appreciate the wider variety of options I can find online and the ease of making pricing comparisons.  Occasionally I score a deal I want to share with all of you.  My new modular bar is one of those deals. My Modular Bar I first saw this modular bar at Pottery Barn .  You may have seen it as well.  It has been prominently displayed in various Pottery Barn catalogs over the past few years.  It can be

Kitchen Renovation-Getting Inspiration

Kitchen renovations can be very intimidating.  Once you've committed to the fact that a renovation is in your future you must decide what you want your result to be.  It's important to get some clarity about this before you start talking to kitchen designers and kitchen contractors.  Without that clarity, am suggesting you want to be clear about the layout, the style, and key elements you'll want in your finished kitchen.  You may become overwhelmed by all the options you have.  It is very helpful to have pictures to show to kitchen designers and contractors as well.  Those pictures will help the professionals to narrow their suggestions to your preferences.  You'll save time and reduce frustration in the process.  I'm not suggesting you will need to have made all your decisions in advance.  You will want to have a very good idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like.  How do you know? Where to Find Inspiration for Your Kitchen Renovation Televi