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What's Your Sign?

Have you heard the news?  The zodiac signs have changed.  It seems the stars are no longer aligned as they once were and the North Star is pointing in a different direction.  Now, I don't presume to understand all of this and certainly won't try to explain why this has occured.  I'll leave that to others more learned about matters of the stars and astrology.  But let's face it.  This is unsettling news!  What will I do?  Can I actually look at my daily horoscope and remember I am no longer a Cancer, but am now a Gemini?  Does it mean I have been living a lie all these years believing I was influenced by the sign of the crab?  Oh my! Here's how the zodiac signs are now aligned: Capricorn is now January 20 to February 16 Aquarius is now February 16 to March 11 Pices is now March 11 to April 18 Aries is now April 18 to May 13 Taurus is now May 13 to June 21 Gemini is now June 21 to July 20 Cancer is now July 20 to August 10 Leo is now August 10 to September

What To Do with Holiday Poinsettia Plants

Happy Monday, friends.  Did you get some poinsettia plants this holiday season?  I had a few in my house for holiday decorations.  This morning I took a look at them and noticed they were looking a little droopy and tired.  Sort of how I was feeling at the time, as well!  I did some research to see what I should do to perk up and prolong the life of my plants and I thought you might be interested as well.  Here's what I learned: Poinsettias like temperatures around 65 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night.    This is good news for me because I have been keeping the house cool to reduce our heating oil consumption. Poinsettias like their soil to be dry between waterings.   This is also not a problem for me as you can see by the drooping leaves in the picture above.  While poinsettias may appreciate being dry between waterings I don't think mine appreciated being dry for a couple of days! Poinsettias like humidity, so misting them will make them happy if your h

Winter Doldrums Antidote-a Dendrobium Orchid

Winter dreariness got you down?  Too cold and wet for a walk outside?  Is snow piling up on your sidewalk?  I suggest you get yourself a dendrobium orchid plant. My Dendrobium Orchid I have lots of plants in my house, most of the green, leafy variety.  But this time of year, the plant that best reminds me winter will pass is my dendrobium orchid.  It's a tropical plant growing in my family room!  Go figure. I can hear you now.  "An orchid, Donna.  They are so hard to grow!  They require so much care!  I know I would kill it immediately"!  Not so, my friends.  Get thee to your local Home Depot (or even better, your local florist) and buy one of these beauties.  Twenty bucks should do it. I've had my plant for several years.  It sits in a southern facing window year round.  I water it sparingly once a week, and mist it (when I think of it) during the winter months because it gets so dry in the house.  Once or twice a year I'll give it a drink of  Miracle Gr

Fashionista Alert-Handbag Essential

I get excited!  When I find a product that I think is terrific I want to tell people about it like I've done here when I told you about my Soda Stream soda maker , my Sony Reader  and my Ninja .   If I can help you spend your hard earned dollars more wisely I feel like I'm doing a good thing.  Today I'm excited about my new handbag.  It's from Cole Haan and was a gift from hubby.  Nice, huh? I received another gift from my BFF Robin (Hi Robin!) that makes this new handbag even better. It's a Pursfection interchangeable purse organizer.  It fits easily into my new handbag and keeps the inside organized.  That makes it easy for me to find my cell phone, my camera, a get the idea.  Now comes the best part.  When a black bag isn't right for my outfit of the day I can change to my other Cole Haan favorite brown bag in a flash. The organizer lifts right out of one handbag and fits right into the other.  Easy, peasy, one, two, thr

Four Rules for Healthy Living

Yesterday's post about healthy breakfasts made me stop and think about whether I have been keeping a healthy lifestyle lately.  Have you noticed all the TV advertisements about exercise and weight loss?  This seems to be the time of year for folks to get on the diet and exercise bandwagon.  I guess I'm no different from the rest. About this time of year four years ago I got really serious about diet and exercise myself.  I lost forty-seven pounds in six months.  It wasn't easy.  I made big changes in my diet and began a regular exercise program.  I went from never exercising to 45-60 minutes of exercise, a minimum of five days per week!  For the most part, I've been able to sustain this healthy lifestyle. But... Now here's the big BUT... In the past couple of months I have fallen off the bandwagon and broken the four simple healthy lifestyle rules I try to live by. Could it have been these evil Christmas morning cinnamon rolls? Or maybe the delicious

A Freezer Don't

December is a big month at our house with lots of family gatherings...and cooking.  Cookies, cakes, pies, roasts, vegetable casseroles, appetizers, you name it!  As a result, I find myself giving thanks for the multiple appliances that support all the preparation.  When Christmas Eve rolls around our two refrigerators and one upright freezer are bursting at the seams.  I tell you this to set the context.  Today we found the door of our upright freezer ajar and a mess unfolding before our eyes.  It seems it has been ajar since New Year's Eve.  Oh, what a mess!  A mess I tell you!  Well, we tossed, we mopped, we said a few choice words. Now the door of the freezer stands wide open and we await the drip, drip, drip, drip.  I'll be wiping and mopping for hours and hours. What a Freezer Should NOT Look Like! It's my own fault.  I've been meaning to clean that freezer.  It should have been done before the holidays.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda... Just keepin' it r

Tiny Bubbles

I'm just a simple girl with simple needs.  Really.  One of those simple needs is bubbles in my water.  I drink lots of water every day.  I bet you do as well.  My water is carbonated.  I don't need fancy, schmancy carbonated water, just plain seltzer of the generic grocery store variety.  If I'm feeling like kicking it up a notch I'll add a squeeze of lemon or lime, but mostly I drink just plain seltzer.  Are you wondering why I'm going on about this?  Well, this Christmas I received the best gift, a Soda Stream Genesis soda maker.  My Soda Stream Carbonator This handy dandy unit allows me to carbonate filtered water from my refrigerator whenever needed, ensuring I have fresh bubbly water all the time.  What's better than that? "Nothing," you say?  But wait...Santa brought another handy dandy surprise, silicone ice trays that make perfect, square ice cubes.  Yes, I said, perfect square ice cubes! My Tovolo Ice Cube Tray What happens whe