My Favorite Things

Welcome to my favorite things page.

I started this favorite things page to share some of the things I use that make my life easier or give me simple pleasure.  I only share these items with you because I believe they will do the same for you.  This is an eclectic list, but it includes things I use all the time.  Really!  Each time I update the page I decide whether or not each item is still a favorite thing.   Links to retailers are included for your convenience or to satisfy your curiosity.  All of the items on this page were either purchased by me or given to me as a gift by family or friends.  I have not been sponsored to review these items and the companies who make and sell them have no idea who I am.

This will be a dynamic page.  I intend to add and delete items as time goes by, most recently updated on September 3, 2015.

Sketchers Go Walk Shoes
My Most Comfortable Shoes
Comfortable shoes are a must these days.  My feet have started rebelling whenever I wear shoes that have flat soles and lack support.  Over two years ago I purchased Sketchers Go Walk shoes and I LOVE them.  This style is lightweight and very comfortable.  The color selection is wonderful as well so you can have fun matching your shoes to your outfit.  Read about my shoes. I now own five pairs of these shoes and I can say they have saved my feet!   Last year I bought a pair of Sketchers Go Walk Winter shoes with suede uppers and I love them even more than my first pair.

Ninja Cooking System
Ninja Cooking System
My new favorite kitchen tool in my Ninja Cooking System.  During the colder months of the year, I find I use it four or five times a week to cook our dinners.  I also love the buffet setting for parties and barbecues.  If you love a slow cooker, you'll love this even more.  The stove top function makes it easy to brown your ingredients before using the slow cooking function.

Orange Ginger Lotion

My Favorite Body Lotion

Bath & Bodyworks Aromatherapy's Orange Ginger Energy lotion has been on my favorites list for four years.  Oh, how I love this lotion!  It is light weight, quick to absorb and has a scent that wakes up the senses.  It makes me happy, happy, happy whenever I use it!  I love it so much that I often give it as a gift to friends and family.

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My Garment Steamer

My Garment Steamer

My  Garment Steamer:  This garment steamer has been a life saver more times than I can count.  It also saves lots of money at the dry cleaner.  I wouldn't want to be without it.

My Kitchen Scale

My Kitchen Scale

My Kitchen Scale:  A kitchen scale is one of those kitchen tools you don't know you need until you actually have one.  Once you own one you'll find yourself using it every day.

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Oxo Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel
My Pizza Wheel

My OXO Pizza Wheel

This OXO pizza wheel makes it easy to cut pizza and focaccia bread, two staples at our house.  We also use kitchen scissors for the same task, but my sons tell me that makes us weird.

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I have not been paid for any of these product endorsements.  I may be paid a few cents if you should purchase one of these products through one of the links.  These reviews are based on my experience and were not solicited by others.