Thursday, June 23, 2016

What a Walk through My June Garden has Taught Me

June is my favorite time of year in my garden.  Every day brings something new to see.  The colors in the garden now are more vibrant than any other time of year.  I make a point to walk around the garden each day because there is so much going on.  These walks through the garden have made me realize the garden is teaching me some useful lessons.

Three Lessons from a Walk in the Garden

  • Stay present and enjoy the gifts your garden brings.  
  • Be watchful so as not to miss the beauty.  
  • Pay attention.

The irises and roses are in bloom.  Yellow and red, side by side.  Unexpected pops of color to brighten my day.

Yellow Iris and Red Rose

Day after day in early June, my irises welcome me with a new gift.  They open slowly, one at a time.   I loved seeing the droplets of rain on this flower one morning last week.

A purple bearded iris

My Siberian irises have come and gone. Each bloom lasts for only a very short time, so it's important to pay attention.  While they were here, those Siberian irises were a riot of color.

Purple Siberian Irises

The same is true of the rhododendrons.  They burst open with huge mops of color that only lasted about a week.

A rhododendron in bloom

Then there are the peonies.  I wait all year for them.  I keep my fingers crossed when they are in bloom, hoping there won't be a heavy rain to turn their petals brown.  I was in luck this year and this peony bouquet made it into my house.

Pink peonies

I notice when I walk through the garden that I breathe more deeply and walk more slowly and I know this is good for me.  This is the gift of the garden.  If you don't have a garden of your own, please make the time for a walk through a nearby public garden.  You'll be glad you did.

These are the reminders from my June garden.

Be watchful for the beautiful moments in your life. They will be fleeting, hopefully soon to be replaced by other beautiful moments.

Pay attention and stay present.  You won't want to miss out.

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