Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Favorite Thing-Sketchers Go Walk Shoes

My New Favorite Shoes
In the past six to eight months I've started being bothered by a pain in my heel whenever I wear flat shoes.  I was plagued by it day after day this past summer whenever I wore my trusty flip flops.

I found that when I switched to wedges the pain subsided.  After a little web research and a little self-diagnosis, I decided I was suffering from plantar fasciitis.  The description in this link nailed my symptoms.

Funny how a change in your physical comfort can quickly change your priorities.  I'm referring to my shoe priorities.  My trusty flip flops were banished and the search for comfortable shoes became my mission.  I came across an unassuming pair of shoes from Sketchers that has become my new, favorite, casual shoe.
Sketchers Go Walk

I own these shoes in black, but there are many colors available.The wide variety of colors has me very excited about my spring and summer wardrobe.  I plan to buy a couple of fun colors to wear with my capri pants.

So Many Color Choices
I've owned these shoes for about two months and have worn them nearly every day.  They have been put through the paces of Christmas shopping and endless hours of holiday baking.  Last week I put them to work on a three-mile walk covering the beach, the road and even climbing some rather treacherous rocks.

Rocks Along the Shore
I needed to walk through some ice and uneven ground  on my way to the beach, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
The Path to the Beach is Uneven and Icy
The shoes were very comfortable walking in the sand on the beach at low tide.

They're Great on the Sandy Beach
These Sketchers Go Walk shoes are very lightweight, but provide enough stability in the sand to be comfortable.  I'm so happy with these shoes that I'm adding them to My Favorite Things.  They are the first addition for 2013, and like all the other items on my favorite things list they are not a sponsored product.  Another great thing about these shoes is that they are available at many retailers.  You should have no trouble locating them if you want to try them too.

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