Monday, August 13, 2012

Hope Springs, the Movie

This week Hope Springs opened in theaters nationwide.  I have been anticipating this movie ever since the end of September a year ago.  It was September 30, 2011 when I wrote about nearby Stonington Borough as the filming location for the movie, Great Hope Springs, now named Hope Springs.

Hope Springs is a movie about relationships, highlighting Kay and Arnold Soames' journey to reconnect after thirty-one years of marriage. In spite of Steve Carell's key role as a therapist, this movie is more drama than comedy.  It's not often that mature relationships are held under a microscope to the degree seen in Hope Springs.   Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones will draw you in and keep you cheering for them throughout.  I happened to catch the Charlie Rose interview with the cast of Hope Springs a few days ago, and I was happy I did because it fully prepared me for the movie.

The theater was full of boomer generation movie-goers this weekend.  Hubby and I had to sit in the second row from the front.  That meant Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones were, indeed, bigger than life.  Perhaps the local movie-goers were there to see how the locations that are so familiar to us were used to represent a small town in Maine.  In this non-existent movie theater Meryl Streep's character, Kay Soames, has an out of her comfort zone experience. 

Fictional Movie Theater from Hope Springs Movie
The Fictional Clipper Theater

Tommy Lee Jones' character, Arnold Soames, reveals his curmudgeon tendencies as he and Kay eat in the diner we locals know as Noah's Restaurant. 

The Nor'easter Diner
The Nor'easter Diner, Actually Noah's
The day I was on location for filming, this yellow house was the center of attention.  It was fun to see how it supported the movie's story line.

Hope Springs on Location
September 30, 2011 Filming Location

It won't matter whether you are a local interested in checking out local points of interest, a boomer interested in a movie presenting a honest view of mature relationships, or a fan of any of the fine cast members.  Hope Springs is an entertaining way to spend a few hours this summer.



  1. We just saw that movie and loved it. Do you know if they used any of the buildings for interior shots? Hubby and I have been debating whether or not they used actual places or a sound stage.

    1. Hi, Sue. The interiors of the Nor'easter Diner (Noah's) and the bar (Skipper's Dock) are actuals because I've been in both. I don't know about the other locations.


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