Friday, June 15, 2012

Something Smells Around Here

Have you smelled it?

What IS that smell?

Everywhere I went these past few days people were talking.  Yes, they were talking about the smell.  What is that smell?

Is it the lovely spring blossoms?
Spring Blossoms

No, it's not the blossoms that have people talking.  Is the the sand and sea?
The Shore

No, no one is talking about the sand and sea here in our little seaside town.  That smell is acrid.  That smell makes us roll up our car windows.  That smell makes the sales assistants at the local coffee shop close their drive up windows with a snap.  What is that smell?  Towns folks have contacted the local police. 

Hello, Officer, What's that Smell?

They've called the town leaders.  Is there a problem with our waste water treatment plant?
Hello, Mr.Town Manager, What's that Smell?
The local newspaper calls this headline news.  It's the lead story in the local newspaper...above the fold.  This is a BIG story, here in our little New England town.
The Big News is Above the Fold

For the uninitiated the smell may be a surprise, but not for me.  I know that smell.  I was regularly affronted with that smell as I grew up.  It was an annual event for across the street from a dairy farm, in the outskirts of town.

Cows on the Farm

Yes, folks, it is the smell of cows and the organic fertilizer they produce.  It's a natural smell, people.  It seems the cause of all the buzz is that a good dose of this natural fertilizer was applied to some fields that are centrally located in our town. 

Dairy Cows Stink

These fields are adjacent to areas of town that have grown both commercially and residentially over the years.  They are adjacent to the main route to our post office...and police station...and the beach...and the main route to I95.  It's for this reason that so many people are talking about it.  You just can't get away from it.  That is until the sun, the rain and the wind work their magic.

So, for a few days, something will smell around here...and it makes me smile.

Living life by the shore...and the farms-


  1. I know that smell too. Ah, the country.

  2. Yes, I smell that smell in my town sometimes, too. Lovely and foul, at the same time.

  3. I just love those spring blossoms, they seem to grow only near the ocean.


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