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A June Morning at the Beach

This morning dawned like most mornings so far this June, foggy and dreary.  We've been caught in a cycle of cool, showery weather here in southeastern New England.

Showers, Showers, Showers in New England

Day after day of this kind of weather wears on my sunny disposition.  Do you have the same experience?  Well, it was time to do something about it.  When I sensed a break in the clouds I decided to head for the beach to shake the cob webs out of my head.  I haven't been spending as much time as I like at the beach lately, and so, the beach was calling me.

I like to walk on the beach at low tide.  The sand at low tide forms a firmer base for walking.  Today it was not low tide, but I decided to forge on.  The beach was empty due to the weather, but it was peaceful and the sound of the waves was soothing.  Listen to the 15 second video below and you'll see what I mean.

Along the way there were signs that beach artists had been there before me.

Beach Creativity
This one was clearly planned in advance.

Beach Art

The clouds were low in the sky.  To the east I could see a few fishing boats under a cloud cover that allowed a few slivers of blue sky to break through.

The Eastern Sky

To the west huge puffs of clouds hung low along the horizon.
The Southwestern Sky

It's nesting season for endangered birds and a couple of miles of dunes are marked as out of bounds.

Nesting Season
At one point along the walk I got a little too close to the nesting area and the birds let me know it...

Soon the beach will be covered with wall-to-wall blankets.  It was nice to be able to capture a little me time alone on the beach.

Where do you go to shake out the cob webs?


  1. How lovely to start the day with a beach walk and your camera. I love the fog, which was quite dense here this morning but is burning off now.

    1. The early morning is the BEST time for a walk on the beach. These pictures and videos were taken with my trusty Android phone. I was happy I had it in my pocket.

  2. I find my solace at the beach as well. Thanks for this post.

    1. I find there is something about the sound of the waves that helps to put me in my happy place.

  3. Your pics are sooooo relaxing to look at! When I need shake out my cobwebs, I usually take a walk or go for a run at the park near my house. It always relaxes me, especially when the weather is nice.

  4. Parks are good, too. I love the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze and the bird songs are cheerful.


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