Monday, April 23, 2012

My Wild Goose Chase

I have been on a wild goose chase and I'm tired.  It's my own fault.  After al,l this wild goose chase is the result of me getting it into my head that I just have to have a garden stool for my three season porch.  I'm contemplating a bit of a face lift for the porch and I've decided the garden stool is a critical piece.  Here is my porch:
My Three Season Porch

That's my dog, Sadie in the picture.  Hi, Sadie!

There is nothing fancy about the porch, but I love it.  I adore the wicker furniture.  It speaks to me.  It says, come sit a while.  It says, come rest your weary feet.  I love that the windows can be removed easily and replaced with screens.  From June through September there are screens in place of the windows and I love the gentle breezes that blow through the windows.  A couple of the windows have little wind chimes that make a soothing tinkle when the wind blows just right.  Most of all, I love when it rains and I can sit of the porch and listen as the rain falls.  That reminds me of my Nana and the times I would sit with her on her screened porch and listen to the rain.  There's a lot to love about my porch.  But I digress. 

This post is really about my wild goose chase and my need for a garden stool.  Are you wondering just what a garden stool is? 

Garden Stool

Can't you see one of these beauties on my porch?  I know, it's perfect!  It is made of ceramic and is about 16 1/2 inches high.  It can be used as a seat, or a side table, or a plant stand.  The piercings are varied depending on the manufacturer and the colors are varied.  I've seen a few.  My favorite coffee shop uses garden stools as seats in its computer corner.  A local furniture store has them displayed in various ways throughout its rooms.

So, what's the problem you ask?  Why am I on a wild goose chase?  Well, friends it is the thrill of the hunt that has me going.  One of my Pinterest pals, Between Naps on the Porch, posted a picture of her stool on her board, Beat This Price.   She snagged her garden stool at a Home Goods store for $59.99.  It looks lovely on her porch.  There began my wild goose chase.  $59.99 is an awesome price so off I went to each of the three Home Goods stores I know of within a fifty mile radius.

I bet you've guessed by now that I have failed in my quest.  Yes, the wild goose chase has been for naught.  I found one garden stool in one of the HG stores, but it was a putrid mustard color, and that will not do.  I need a white one, or a green one...for $59.99.

So, I'm asking all of my southern New England readers to help me in my wild goose chase.  If you spot these elusive garden stools in a HG store for $59.99, or less, please let me know.  In the meantime I'll be resting my weary feet a bit out on my porch.

This Porch Needs a Garden Stool



  1. This is similar to the stool they have at Dave's coffee shop. I will continue the search on my mini vacation coming up this weekend!!!!!

    1. Yes it is! Thanks for helping with the search.

    2. No problem....I love your porch. Many relaxing afternoons with a gow (aka glass of wine) just enjoying the comforting surroundings. xoxoxxo BFF


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