Monday, December 12, 2011

Five Ways to Kill Your Blog

Soon I will celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging.  Yes, it's hard to believe, but the end of December will mark a blogging milestone for me.  In anticipation of reaching this milestone I wanted to share five blogging "don'ts" gathered from reading and observing a multitude of blogs over this past twelve month period. 

Am I a blogging expert after twelve months?  Not at all.  These "don'ts" are based on my experience and preferences as a blog writer and perhaps more importantly, a blog reader.  I've encountered these "don'ts" over and over again as I have blog-hopped the blogoshpere.  They reflect experiences with blogs I have only visited once because I have found those blogs to be unwelcoming or difficult to read.

Five Ways to Kill Your Blog

#1.  Don't make your blog readable
  • Use a black background with colored fonts that make your readers strain their eyes
  • Make your font too small (less than 12 points) and write long, drawn out paragraphs with no pictures
  • Center all your text
  • Don't have a publishing schedule. Publish whenever you feel like it
#2Don't make a personal connection with your readers
  • Keep your identity a secret.  Hide behind a fake persona
  • Don't include a picture of yourself on the blog
  • Don't make it easy for your readers to contact you
#3.  Over share
  • Complain about everything and anything including your spouse, your kids, your job
  • Describe your chronic illness, infertility, morning sickness in detail
  • Share the details of your divorce, your last breakup, your most recent argument
  • Whine, whine, whine
#4Jump on every blogging bandwagon
  • Overuse memes
  • Vlog with poor equipment, poor lighting, no script, no editing, and in your bedroom
#5.  Overwhelm me with product pushing and advertising
  • Push coupons and host giveaways that are unrelated to your blog theme
  • Make advertising your reason for being, not sharing quality content
I've enjoyed spending these past months with all of you and look forward to many more months and years on this blogging journey.  What "don'ts" would you like to call out?

Happy blogging and blog reading!


  1. Oh no, I center my posts, but I do use lots of pictures and big fonts.

  2. Hi Dazee Dreamer. I suggest you ask your readers for feedback. Even though as bloggers might like how something looks on our blog, our readers may find it hard to read or view. My readers have told me they appreciate it when my blog is super easy to read. That way they can take a quick look and decide to stay longer or move on if the topic is not of interest that day.

  3. This post also caught my interest, as a one-year-old blogger. I think I do some of these don'ts!



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