Saturday, November 5, 2011

November in My Garden

OK, all my gardening friends, what's happening in your garden this November?  If you live in the Northeast you may have already experienced a substantial snowfall.  Thankfully we were spared the fury of the recent storm that left millions of others in the Northeast without power.  As I write this, millions are still without power, three days later.

A Dusting of Snow on October 30. 2011

November dawned with plenty of sunshine during the day, but delivered our first killing frosts of the season.  As a result, I have been setting aside a few minutes each day to get outside an pull up the remains of plants killed off by the frost.

Impatience Killed by Frost
My garden cleanup chores are nearly completed.  You can see from the picture we even have a good handle on the leaves in the yard. 

Keeping Up with Falling Leaves

Even though most of the garden is spent I still have some lettuce growing....

Lettuce is Still Growing

...and some jalapenos are still holding on.

November Jalapenos

November's gardening activities are forward thinking ones.  As you work in your garden this month, think about how your activities will help prepare you for an abundant spring and summer.

Here are five garden activities to put on you November To Do List:

1.  It’s time to plant spring-blooming bulbs before the ground freezes.  Give them a nice dose of fertilizer in the planting hole.   Do you have trouble with rodents in search of a meal?  Adding a bit of red pepper flakes to the hole can make them unappealing to rodents.

2.  This is your last chance to plant trees and shrubs. Be sure to keep them well watered all month so the roots will get well established before winter cold sets in.

3.  It’s a good time to divide established perennials.  In this cooler weather there will be less transplant shock, and there will be time for them to get established for quick growth come spring.

4.  Weed and clean up all of the perennial beds. Top-dress them with compost. Compost will feed the plants so that you’ll have stronger growth next year. It will also act as a mulch to insulate plants during the winter.

Cleaning out the Perennial Beds
5.  Gather up the fallen leaves and add them to your compost bin or pile. Small pieces will decompose faster, so mow over the leaves and chop them up before you compost them.

What are your November gardening chores?


  1. I still have strawberrie plants spreading out all berries, but the plants are doing well. Will cover and mulch them this week!

  2. I'm about ready to give up on my strawberries. The critters get my berries before I do!


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