Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hiking Arcadia in Rhode Island

Arcadia Management Area
Arcadia Management Area, a 14,000-acre recreation area in southwestern Rhode Island is a great place to spend a lovely fall day hiking and appreciating the beautiful scenery.

Arcadia is not just for hiking.  Other activities include fishing, hunting, mountain biking, swimming, and horseback riding.

Last weekend, on the third Saturday in October, it was perfect for a day of hiking for Hubby and me.

We are not experienced hikers.  Only recently we decided to try experiencing more of nature on foot.  We purchased appropriate footwear and decided to start out with local trails.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking is a good activity if you are looking for a way to be more active.  There are trails for beginners as well as trails for the more experienced.  There are trails for those who are not in tip top physical condition as well as trails for those who are agile and fleet-footed.  With a little preparation and research, you can be ready to get outdoors.  Choose to start your hiking in an area where the trails are well marked.  Trails are blazed with rectangular marks.  They are usually color coded to avoid confusion and help you to stay on the right trail.

A Trail Blaze

When we arrived at Arcadia Management Area one of the first things we saw was a hunting season warning sign indicating we needed to wear 200 square inches of bright orange on our body beginning on the third Saturday in October.
Watch for Warning Signs
Since last Saturday was the third Saturday in October I insisted we leave immediately and find a place to get the required orange gear.  Not far away is Ure Outfitters where we purchased orange vinyl vests and a map of the Arcadia Management Area.

Wear Orange during Hunting Season
Bedecked with our hiking shoes and our orange vests we were ready to hit the trails.  We started with Browning Mill Pond Trail, a yellow trail that circles Browning Mill Pond.

Browning Mill Pond

This trail took us 40 minutes to complete walking at a steady and moderate pace.  The trail was generally well cleared.  You'll find portions to be rocky...

Rocky Terrain
Other portions of the trail are wet.  In those areas, you'll find wooden pathways...

Wooden Paths

Occasionally you'll encounter an obstacle in your way...

Occasional Obstacles

All along the way, there is beautiful scenery...

The Beautiful Scenery

...and an occasional critter.

A Snake
Is it time for you to get out and experience hiking? Check out  10 Other Rhode Island Hiking Spots and 10 More Rhode Island Hiking Spots.  Not in Rhode Island?  Start with your local park system.  You'll be surprised how many trails there are.



  1. Great pics. I haven't been there is years - used to have softball picnics when I was a kid there every year.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I roamed around Arcadia in Maine (Bar Harbor?) this summer. What grand views!

    Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more great posts. ~ Ellen

  3. Thanks for visiting, Ellen and thanks for following.

  4. Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. Can you believe this was my first visit to Arcadia in spite of living close by all my life?

  5. I am a fellow Rhode Islander. We went to Arcadia a few years back as well. Great pics! Thanks for sharing :)


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