Saturday, September 10, 2011

September's Gardening To Do List

Labor Day has come and gone.  Oh, yes, summer is behind us.  That means our gardens are winding down.  Do you start to lose your enthusiasm for your garden about this time in the season?  I know I do. 

There is still a lot to do and keeping up with the garden chores now helps to make future garden tasks easier.

Here's what is on my garden to do list this month.

1.  Keep harvesting vegetables.  I’m still picking green beans and jalapenos.  Harvest your herbs.  My basil is ready to be picked for another batch for my freezer.  Be sure to keep tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables harvested as well, and don’t let the ones that have fallen to the ground rot in the garden.  They will be a perfect addition to your compost pile.

2. Prepare for fall.  Pull out plants once a crop is done in your garden.  Add compost to the area.  Keep weeding.  Protect the garden from diseases and pests by removing any browned and withered foliage.

3.  Keep deadheading flowers, both perennials and annuals. This means that you will break off a withered, spent bloom from the plant. Deadheading keeps the plants directing energy towards more blooms and foliage, rather than trying to set seed. If your annual flowers are looking ragged  you might want to pull them out.   This is also a good time to divide perennials that may be overgrown. 

4.  Begin leaf clean up.  Here by the shore our trees have starting dropping their leaves with a vengeance due to all the wind and salt damage from Hurricane Irene.  Yes, that means we are starting our leaf cleanup early.  Don’t forget your gutters as well.  

5.  Add some color with mums.  Yes, things are looking a little dreary in my garden this month.  I bought some yellow mums to spruce things up a bit.  Set them in some decorative pots and enjoy the burst of color around your entry ways.  They’ll brighten your days.

Even though my growing season is coming to a close there is much to do in my garden this month.  What's on your garden to do list this month?

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