Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to make Roasted Red Peppers

Don't you love roasted red peppers?  Oh boy, they add flavor to any dish.  I love them on sandwiches, on grilled chicken breasts and in pasta dishes.  Have you priced red peppers lately?  In my neck of the woods red peppers are outrageously priced. 

Just the other day I thought I had snagged a deal at my local Walmart.  I had run in to the store to purchase a rotisserie chicken....but, alas no rotisserie chickens were available.  As a second choice I decided to roast a chicken on my own.  On my way to the meat department I spied a bin of red bell peppers marked $1.74.  The very naive Just One Donna thought, what a deal at $1.74 per pound.  I had just purchased red peppers from a competitor store for $2.49 per pound.

At the check out I learned I had in fact, NOT snagged a deal at all.  Those peppers were $1.74 each,  I had three little red peppers in my bag and the charge was $5.34.  What were they thinking?   Isn't Walmart where you go for good prices?  No way, Jose!  Not this day.  Not for peppers.  I immediately returned them.  Off I went to my local grocery for my $2.49 per pound red peppers. 

I keep jarred roasted peppers in my pantry all the time, but when I have the time and fresh peppers I like to roast my own.  It is easy to do, and the extra flavor you get makes the effort worth while.  Here's how to make roasted red peppers...

Preheat your grill.  Wash your peppers, cut them in half and remove the seeds.  Most directions you will find tell you to place a whole pepper on the grill.   Yes, that works.  Go ahead and do it this way if you like, but when the time comes to skin and seed the peppers you'll have quite a mess.  By removing the seeds and cutting the peppers in half before roasting you'll get the same results with less mess.  Less mess always makes me happy.

Peppers Roasting on the Grill
OK, back to grilling the peppers.  You can rub a little oil on your peppers if you want, but you don't have to.  See how easy this is?  You'll want to hang out by your grill because frequent turning of the peppers helps to get a more even roasting.  You'll want to remove the peppers from the heat when you have a nice, black char on the skin side.  Place the peppers immediately into a glass or ceramic bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.  Set the bowl aside and let the peppers cool.  The peppers will steam before they cool making it a snap to peel the skin.

Covered with  Plastic Wrap to Steam the Skin
In about 30 minutes the peppers will have cooled sufficiently for you to begin removing the skin.  Go ahead and get right in there with your fingers.  You'll find the skin comes off pretty easily.

You Can Easily Remove the Skin

That's it.  You are ready to use your roasted red peppers in your favorite salad, on your favorite sandwich or even for Donna's Favorite Grilled Chicken.  That's what I'm going to do with my freshly roasted red peppers.
Use the Roasted Peppers in Your Favorite Dish

What would you do with your roasted red peppers?



  1. These look amazing! I adore roasted red peppers, we almost always use them as a side to get our veggies in. I especially love that they're finally cheaper at the supermarket!

  2. Oh,I'm a great lover of roasted red peppers. I'm going to try this.


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