Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Beach in September

What's it like at the beach in September?  Some would say September is the best time to visit the beach in southern New England.  Our days start out cool, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but warm to the 70s.  That makes for delightful days at the beach.

Where once there were crowds, there are gulls, just hanging out. 

Sea Gulls

Perhaps they are bemoaning the loss of their favorite snack food, chips.  At the height of the summer, the sea gulls are experts at spying a bag of Doritos 50 feet away.  Now they are on the lookout for easy fish pickings....


These are the remnants marking the success of our shoreline fishermen who can frequently be seen driving their trucks along the shore this time of year.

A Fisherman's Gear

The piping plovers, an endangered species of shoreline birds, are still here.   I did see a flock of them practicing their flying maneuvers over the water, perhaps in preparation for their migration south.  Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to capture their precise show to share with you.

Piping Plovers

This year our beach season was cut short by a couple of weeks due to Hurricane Irene.  Walking along the shore you can still see her imprint.  Where once there were dunes, there are none.

A Washed Out Dune

And repairs are still being made, like this seawall being restored where it was washed away by the raging sea.

A Seawall Under Repair

The quiet has returned to the shore.  A walk on the beach this time of year is marked only by the sound of waves and occasional calls of seagulls. 

What's it like at the beach in September?  Perfect.


  1. Michelle, the beach is where I go to relax and unwind. What's your place for relaxing?


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