Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School-Saving Time and Money

1991 Bucky O'hare Lunchbox
The beginning of a new school year has always caused me to feel a bit of anxiety, first as a student and then as a parent.  As a student adapting to new classmates and new routines, while exciting, was always just a little bit unsettling. 

As a parent, helping my sons adjust to their new routines, getting the family back into the school year swing and making sure new clothing and supplies were purchased and ready all while working demanding hours outside the home, made for some serious juggling.

One of the practices I adopted early on was online shopping.  My friends and family will tell you I am the queen of online shopping.  Well, if not a queen, certainly a princess!  Once I figured out how easy it was to shop from the convenience of my home at any hour of the day I was hooked.  On top of those benefits I was able to save time by no longer hopping from one store to another in search of products I needed.  When I saw how easy it was to get a competitive listing of products and prices with a simple Google search I was done with bricks and mortar back to school shopping.  Done, I tell you!

I'll bet there are many of you juggling time and money in this back to school season.  So, in the spirit of helping you maintain a happy balance in your life I'm providing you with some helpful shopping deals and links.

Let's go shopping, shall we?

1978 Wags n' Whiskers Lunchbox
Shop Sears for 15% off Apparel, 20% off Shoes, and 50% off backpacks

Shop Target online and get free shipping when you spend $50.

Shop and get $10 off when you spend $75 on apparel, shoes and health and beauty items.

Shop L.L. Bean and get free shipping on clothing and sturdy backpacks.

1980's Pee Wee Herman Lunchbox
I assume you know about Ebates and use it regularly when you shop online, right?  Ebates pays you back every time you shop an online retailer by first linking to that retailer from the Ebates site. 

It's an extra step in the online shopping experience, but it pays to take that step.  I've been using Ebates since 2006 and have earned $521.00 back.  Click the Ebates link and you can start earning today, too.

Thinking about back to school made me nostalgic so I went into my basement to see what fun reminders I might find.  Don't you just love these old lunchboxes?  I guess they might be called vintage now.  Packing lunches for your children is another way to save money as they go back to school.  You don't have time to pack lunches?  There's nothing wrong with having the kiddies pack their own lunch.  It's a great way for them to start helping in the kitchen and learn about nutrition in the process. 

Happy back to school,

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