Saturday, August 13, 2011

Keeping A Focus on Fitness

About a week ago I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  I'm not quite sure how it happened.  All I know is that the day started out with a bang.  I woke up feeling terrific, the sun was out and the oppressive humidity we had been experiencing had left the state.  It was an ideal day for an early morning combo walk-run.  Off I went to walk-run my favorite three mile route that takes me through a lovely residential area by the shore and ends at one of my favorite lighthouses.

When I got home I felt so great I decided to wash my car.  Oh yes, I was feeling ambitious.  Not only did I wash the car, but I vacuumed it as well.  Well, all that ambition paid me back, because by the end of the car vacuuming my back was in great pain.  That was it for me.  No more running, or walking, or vacuuming...for seven days.  Yes, I have been babying my back for seven days.

This morning I got up after a night of restful sleep (not a usual occurrence for me) to greet another sunny morning with low humidity.  Feeling like a slug after seven days with no exercise I decided it was time to get back out on the road again.

Off I went.  I've got this great, free, little app on my new smart phone called RunKeeper.  It works off the GPS in the phone and tracks my distance, time and calories. 

It talks to me throughout the session telling me the elapsed time, the distance covered and the pace.  I find it to be a great little motivator.  Today it was especially helpful because I was feeling a little creaky (is that a word?), and did I mention a little sluggish?

I started out at a pace of 16.20 minutes per mile, but was able to speed myself up to finish with and average pace of  14.21 minutes per mile.

You can see from the picture, I covered 3.01 miles in 43.12 minutes.  That's not a pace to be proud of, but OK for my first exercise in a week.  Oh, do you see that it says I worked off 384 calories?  Not sure I believe that, but I do know I used more calories than I would have used sitting in a chair!

Are you staying focused on keeping fit?  How do you stay motivated?  The heat of summer can be tough...but let's keep moving, shall we?

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  1. Oh boy I can relate. I have dare I say back pain all the time. Great Job!

  2. Glad that you're better, take care!

  3. Thanks Cindee and Tooki. It's great to back...almost as good as new.


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